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International Dog Day

International Dog Day 

Dog’s have long held a special role in our lives. They’ve kept us company and worked for us for thousands of years, so it’s fitting that there’s a day just for them. International Dog Day comes around each year August 26 to celebrate dogs and all they do for us and to encourage adoption of dogs in need of a home. We can see our relationship with dogs in the thousands of photographs, editorial cartoons, and other materials housed in our digital collections. 

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International Dog Day 

Mt. Assiniboine.
Sam and Jack
Fort McMurray - Snowfest
Hustler, the dog
Winter - Cold weather condition - dog
Children in Okotoks with dogs
Lloyd Delude with Sled Dog
Don Getty and Wonder the Unity Dog
Lynne Graham - Cairn Terrier breeder
Ken Knox and accelerant detecting dog Tessa
female dog
old dog
old female dog
Bert Osborne's dog team, Main Street, Grande Prairie
Three puppies to be used in Imperial Oil's 1956 jumbo size promotional calendar.
Dogs and plane at Arctic Red River, Northwest Territories.
Gorgina Hodgson untying sled dog in preparation for circuit around the family trap line, Norman Wells, Northwest Territories.
load on a dog-train
Office of William B. Barwis, Calgary, Alberta.
Blackfoot man near Calgary, Alberta.
J. Douglas and J. Mosley having a picnic on a hunting trip, near Calgary, Alberta.
Baddeley Bros. 3 Ring Wild Animal Circus poster, western Canada.
Ambulance, mascot dog 'Pat', and crest of 4th Canadian Field Ambulance.
No Dogs Allowed sign, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
[Canadian prime minister keeps his pets well trained.]
Two little girls with puppy, Calgary, Alberta.
Activity on Banff Avenue for Banff Winter Carnival, Banff, Alberta.
Royal mail horse-drawn sleigh, White Pass and Yukon route, outside Alaska Pacific Express Company ticket office, Dawson City, Yukon Territory.
Why can't we do it? We city dogs don't (get) many chances like this one.'
[Bylaw requiring cleaning up after dogs.]
Dr. Juliet McMaster and her dog, JASNA Spring Gala, Red Deer, Alberta.
Cowboy wearing chaps on the a7 Ranche, Nanton, Alberta.
Nikita Khrushchev holding a dog named Cuba nipping at the heels of Uncle Sam.
Ed Stelmach says Alberta wants a chunckof [chunk of] the...uh...action. 'I had to bring up this nation within a nation thing!''
'So happens as a believer I'm willin' to step up and die for my religion!' 'So happens as an atheist I'm willin' to let you do just that!''
It's cold out there!'
Obamas get a new pup...'Yes we can!!''
So Toronto picks just an average white non-Muslim male for Mayor.' 'Disappointingly unprogressive if you ask me.'
Canada Pension Plan...'It's not broken...it just needs some T.L.C.!!''
News item - British monarchy may become self-supporting...'
To dream the impossible dream...Quebecker to be launched into orbit.'
Hey boy! Come and get it!!!' [Preston Manning, leader of the Reform Party of Canada, tries to unite the conservative right with his United Alternative initiative.]
Girls with puppies, Milford Hutterite Colony, near Raymond, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway watchman with shotgun and dog at railway station.
Child with dog
Nothern Alberta travellers in winter camp.
Inuit tent, Hudson Bay area, Manitoba.
First Summit Hotel, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
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