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Campus Scenes 

Mackimmie Library Tower and Block
Mackimmie Library Tower
The New Digital Sign at McMahon Stadium Celebrates the U of C's 25th Anniversary-1991
1992 Campus Panorama - Mountains in Background
1992 Two People Walk Beside Mountain Ash Tree
1992 Convocation
1996 Day Care Kids Walking
MacEwan Centre With Students, 1996
Student Reading Outside, 1996
Students Walking by the Olympic Arch, 1996
1996 Students by Pond
1996 Garden of Learning by Katie Ohe
1996 Aerial view of the University of Calgary campus and the Calgary Skyline
Girl studying by flowering tree
1998 Library Tower in Spring
1998 Library Tower in Spring
Student On Bench by Science B Sign, 1998
Woman under flowering May Day tree
Women under flowering May Day tree
1998 Deer Behind Education  Block
1998 Two Students Relax on Lawn Outside of Science A
2004 Southwest Campus View From the ICT Building
2006 Frosty Morning on Campus
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-02
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-03
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-04
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-05
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-06
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-07
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-08
2008 Campus Summer Scenes-01
2008 Prairie Chicken with Students in Summer
2009 Spire
2014 Bus Stop in Front of Education Block
2014 Campus Scenes in Summer
2016 Taylor Family Digital Library
TFDL-Taylor Quad-Olympic Arch in Winter
Campus in Winter
Campus in Winter
Campus Winter Scenes
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