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#blackhistorymonth photographs 

John Ware, rancher.
George Williams, cobbler and amateur photographer, Innisfail, Alberta.
Group of Millarville and Priddis ranchers, Alberta.
Tom Spencer, Millarville, Alberta.
John and Mildred Ware, Millarville, Alberta.
Daniel Lewis family, Vulcan, Alberta.
Marriage certificate of John Ware, Black cowboy, to Mildred Lewis.
Marriage certificate of Daniel V. Lewis to Charlotte Cambelle, Alberta Black pioneer.
Vital statistics of Daniel Lewis family from family Bible, 1810-1909.
Birth records of Daniel Lewis family from family Bible, 1833-1888.
Marriage records of Daniel Lewis family from family Bible, 1867-1916.
Death records of Daniel Lewis family from family Bible, 1875-1946.
John Ware, Black rancher, and family, southern Alberta.
John Ware ranch at Millarville, Alberta.
John Ware Ranch at Red Deer river, Alberta.
John Ware and team of horses at Red Deer river, Alberta.
Mrs. Mildred Ware and three youngest children.
John Ware and boarhound Bismark.
John Ware and boarhound, Bismark.
Thompson, the only Black Canadian in Wainwright, Alberta.
Janet 'Nettie' and Robert Ware at opening of John Ware Junior High School, Calgary, Alberta.
Old Time Range Men's dinner, Calgary area, Alberta.
Queen crowned by Alberta Association for the Advancement of Colored People (AAACP), Calgary, Alberta.
Thomas Mapp family and relatives, a Black family from Amber Valley, Alberta.
Tom Selectman, cook at hotel, Wainwright, Alberta.
Lena Selectman, helper at Wainwright Hotel, Wainwright, Alberta.
Dave Mills, interpreter, and Blood woman.
Bobbie Crump family in Edmonton, Alberta.
Melvin Crump and musical group, Edmonton, Alberta.
Melvin Crump on 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Black band on sight-seeing [observation] car, Calgary, Alberta.
Black woman outside office of King Edward Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Corporal Theodore King met by his parents on his return to Calgary, Alberta.
Antonio Rebaudengo with son Mario and Algie Armstead, Calgary. Alberta.
Dew Drop Inn, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Beta Sigma Phi sorority banquet guests, Calgary, Alberta.
Railway porters presentation to Violet King, Calgary, Alberta.
Violet King, lawyer, Calgary, Alberta.
Roy Cawthorn with Mildred and Nettie Ware, Calgary, Alberta.
Group of Blood people, southern Alberta.
Police identification photo of Addie James, alias Mary Lee, alias Mary Anderson.
Police identification photo of Lawrence B. Morgan.
Police identification photo of William 'Big Boy' Davis.
Aerial view of J. D. Edwards farm, Amber Valley, Alberta.
J. D. Edwards beside grain field, Amber Valley, Alberta.
J. D. Edwards house, Amber Valley, Alberta.
Grassland School, Grassland, Alberta.
Baseball team, Amber Valley, Alberta.
Colonel James F. Macleod's children and their nurse, 'Auntie'.
Old Auntie', Pincher Creek, Alberta.
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