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Barren Grounds Muskoxen
Scene at Lake Claire, Wood Buffalo Park, 1933
[Mt. Odin, Pangnirtung Pass. A Track Survey was Run through the Pass in Early February, 1925]
A Well-Eroded Iceberg near the Entrance to Cumberland Sound in the Summer of 1924
Camp at Blue Goose River
[Map, Southwestern Baffin Island, 1929]
[Mountain Scene with a River or Lake, and a Tent on the Opposite Shore]
An Eskimo Sealskin Tupik at Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, N.W.T., September 1924
[Bow Lake of the Canadian Rockies]
[Landscape of Rugged Terrain and a Stream]
[A Small Lake in Mountain Country, or A Small Lake in the Mountains]
Forms of Icebergs Seen near the Entrance to Cumberland Sound
[Group of Three Buildings, with Three Kayaks on Land nearby]
Eskimo Enuksuk (Cairn) Found on the Level Uplands of Soper Highland in about 67°25'N and Approximately Thirty Miles Inland from Foxe Basin, March 30, 1929
[Two People next to an Igloo and Sledge, with a Dog Team Nearby]
[Rugged Terrain]
Soper Expedition Group at Nettilling Lake, Summer of 1925
A Group of Eskimos along the Coast of Nuwata, Baffin Island, during the Late Summer, 1928
[Two Inuit Women, Facing Different Directions, with an Igloo in the Background]
[Person Moving a Sledge]
[People and a Few Dog Teams by Two Igloos.]
Rapids and Cascades in the Short River between Portage and Cascade Lakes in the Chain North of Gordon Bay, Hudson Strait, in Mid-September, 1928
An Eskimo Kayak Stored High on Supports above the Reach of Dogs; the Kayaks are so Placed throughout the Winter
[Building with Two People and a Union Flag Nearby]
Shappa Clearing the Tangled Dog Traces on the Soper Expedition while Crossing Foxe Peninsula from Andrew Gordon Bay to Bowman Bay and Points North, March, 1929
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