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Citizenship and Immigration Canada'
Okanagan firefighters ...'
[Snap federal by-elections catch the Liberal Party of Canada napping.]
B.C. legislation makes Alberta an attractive place to denude...'Question is, Stumpy, can we get there before some other loggin' truck beats us to it!''
Like most children Kim Dong Il just wanted to be noticed...'
[Old Man Winter blasts Canada.]
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lau-Tzu 604-531 B.C. Chinese philosopher.'
The Outback...'I don't have anything against the Queen, you understand, but I've found that there are some things I can do without.''
Mr. Clean-up.'
Feds turn to shock labeling in an attempt to get stupid people to stop smoking...'Yeh, like at first it's real scary, right?''
[Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier won't take the blame for the poor planning of the many road construction projects in Calgary, Alberta.]
Do they ambush the cops with machine guns in this one?'
[Two American soldiers, carrying a very large band-aid, run towards Haiti.]
News item - Alberta lottery cash earmarked for roads...etc...'Come on, baby needs a new highway!!!''
Three things that happen on a regular basis. 'Uh...Halloween...Christmas...Quebec Referendum...?''
Mike Harris visits the god of balanced budgets...'Throw more civil servants into Lake Ontario!''
Islamic fundamentalists...and other religious extremists.'
News item - Grits consider breaking with Monarchy...'
U.S. cranks up border patrol...'Uh...What's up, Doc?''
[Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are a 'big-time headache' in the Arab world.]
People smuggling latest trend...'
Teenage abortions double in Calgary...'This is really beginning to tick me off!!''
Dear Mom, a TV crew was just here and guess what...I'm gonna be on the life styles of the rich and famous.'
There is bitterness and distrust in our country. Our country is in upheaval, and may even come apart. But you know what? We're not killin' each other and that is what makes our country great.'
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