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Banff School of Fine Arts 36th annual summer session
The Niagara peninsula, a pictorial record
Susan Farrow Milner - painter
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 008
VOX Magazine, May 1989, Issue 65
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 001, Number 025
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 008, Number 011
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 008, Number 016
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 010, Number 013
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 011, Number 032
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 011, Number 035
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 011, Number 037
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 020, Number 034
Situation of H.M.S. Hecla and Griper, Sept. 20th, 1819
Slaughtered Polar Bear
Slaughtered Polar Bear
Musk Ox, killed on Melville Island
Marine Invertebrates
North Coast of Spitzbergen, Red-Cliff Sound
Early Days in Edworthy Park and the Neighboring areas of Brickburn and Lowery Gardens
Ukrainian dug-out dwellings in east central Alberta
Late Sunset in Pangnirtung Fiord, Baffin Island, Looking Southward to Cumberland Gulf, October 11, 1924
An Encampment of Eskimos near Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, August, 1923
Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Pond Inlet, Eclipse Sound, Baffin Island, August 1923
A Stretch of Coast at Coburg Island in Early August, 1923
A White Whale (Porpoise) Shot, Harpooned and Hauled onto the Beach in the Lake Harbour District, Baffin Island
A Dark Sand Beach and Cove in the Vicinity of Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Late August, 1923
Mt. Odin, Pangnirtung Pass. A Track Survey was Run through the Pass in Early February, 1925
[The Valley of Owl River Looking Southward toward Glacier Lake and Mount Asgard about Five to Eleven Miles Away, February 10, 1925]
Residence of the Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post Manager and Assistant at Amadjuak Bay, Baffin Island, in Late April, 1926
[Mountains and Lake]
[An Arctic Hare and Owl]
Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post, Amadjuak Bay, Baffin Island, April 28, 1926
Atlantic Walrus on the Ice Floes in the Vicinity of Cape Dorchester, Foxe Channel, Baffin Island, in the Summer of 1928
Baffin Island Seals
The C.G.S. Arctic Passing a Headland Cliff, Devon Island, 1923
Strathcona Sound, Baffin Island, 1923
[Distant View of a Steamer, with Flowers in the Foreground and Mountains in the Background]
[Group of Three Inuit, including a Child]
Eskimo Rock-Pile Meat Cache at Nuwata as a Means of Protection from the Warmth of the Sun and from Wolves, Bears and Foxes.
[A Tupiq and a Kayak Resting above the Ground between Poles at an Inuit Camp, Cape Dorset]
[Pack Ice Stranded Onshore?]
[Camp with Meat Hanging to Dry and Five Dogs]
A High Limestone Cliff along the West Shore of Amadjuak lake, April 23, 1926
An Eskimo Spring Camp in the Lake Harbour District, May 15, 1931
The Hudson’s Bay Company Schooner, Nanook, with Eskimo Crew Ready to Leave for the Frobisher Bay Outpost in Early August, 1928
The Hudson’s Bay Company Post at Lake Harbour, Baffin Island, in Mid-Summer of 1930
A Large Iceberg Observed Near the Northeast Entrance of Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island with Polar Bear Nearby, Late August, 1924

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