Great Snowy Owl
[Group of Arctic Hare]
[Pack Ice Stranded Onshore?]
[Landscape of Rugged Terrain and a Stream]
Pangnirtung Fiord
[Swimming Caribou]
[Mountains and Lake]
[Two Dogs by the Water, with a Pink Sky]
[Full Body Portrait of an Inuit Woman]
[Mountain Scene, Possibly in the Valley of Owl River]
[Two Swimming Loons, with a Sail Boat in the Background]
[Likely a Barren-Ground Caribou]
Susan Farrow Milner - painter
[Portrait of a Person with a Long White Hood]
[Portrait of a Person with a White Hood]
[Two Arctic Foxes, One White and One Grey]
Head of Kukevik (Eskimo Fish Spear) used for the Capture of Arctic Char
[Catkins of Arctic Willow (Salix arctica Pall.)?]
[Mountain Scene with a River or Lake, and a Tent on the Opposite Shore]
[Rugged Terrain]
Camp at Blue Goose River
The Common Puffin which Breeds in Summer along Arctic Labrador in Suitable Locations
An Inuit Kayak off Pangnirtung Post
[Mountain Scene in Spring or Summer]
Forms of Icebergs Seen near the Entrance to Cumberland Sound
[Winter Scene with a Cairn in the Foreground]
[An Inuit Holding a Kukevik by the Water's Edge]
[A Group of Three Inuit, including a Child, with a Dog]
[Cotton-Grass and Mushroom]
[A Boat called the Metik near the Shore]
[Portrait of a Man in a Blue Jacket]
[Women with a Baby on her Back Standing in front of an Igloo]
A Group of Inuit along the Coast of Nuwata, Baffin Island, during the Summer
An Eskimo Kayak Stored High on Supports above the Reach of Dogs; the Kayaks are so Placed throughout the Winter
The Common Puffin, which Nests in Colonies in Various Arctic Localities of the Eastern Canadian Polar Regions and in Greenland
Burwash Bay, Nettilling Lake
[People and a Few Dog Teams by Two Igloos.]
A Young Eskimo Woman, Atoto, about Fifteen Years of Age, a Resident of Cape Dorset
[Two Inuit Women, Facing Different Directions, with an Igloo in the Background]
[Tupiit with People Nearby, and a Building with a Red Roof in the Background]
[Two Arctic Foxes, One White and One Grey]
[Three Different Views of a Fetus of a White Whale (Beluga Whale)]
[Inuit Cairn on the Bank of the Hantzsch River near the Limestone Highlands, Baffin Island]
[An Arctic Hare and Owl]
The Common Arctic Poppy, Nettilling Lake, Baffin Island, July 10, 1925
Dog Team Resting During a Journey in Southern Baffin Island on the Soper Expedition of 1928-1929
[Two People Holding a Sled, with a Building in the Background]
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