Emergency feeding
Cortés the conqueror : the exploits of the earliest, and greatest of the gentlemen adventurers in the new world
Kandahar in 1879
Advice to the British soldier
Artillery fire : the battery
Dress, horses & equipment of infantry & staff officers, The
Further training and employment of mounted infantry and yeomanry, The
Les grandes lignes de l'histoire de la Société l'Assomption
Te-na-ze-pa, Sioux executed for part in Minnesota massacre of 1862.
Twisting and tumbling through Saskatchewan : a history of gymnastics
Les Véritables motifs de messieurs et dames de la Société de Notre-Dame de Montréal
Cut Ear, or Kish-te-taw-wag, Ojibwa.
1992-1993 Board of Governors.
Centenaire de la Société historique de Montréal (1858-1958)
Compositeur typographe de Québec Canada (Amérique du Nord) salarié à la semaine dans le système des engagements volontaires permanents d'après les renseignements recueillis sur les lieux en 1903
New series of Blackfoot texts from the Southern Peigans Blackfoot reservation, Teton County, Montana, A
Letter from Colonel James Macleod to Mary Macleod, March 21, 1892
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