Alberta Report Magazine
Miss Spring Morning [revised early draft]
As I Was Saying [revised draft]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme [variant synopsis]
Strand Magazine, The
Mississippi Gambler [outline, notes, draft]
Best Thoughts : greetings from W.J. and Mrs. Magrath, the Highlands, Edmonton
Barbary Coast [treatment draft]
Tokiwa: a Tale of Old Japan
Writing phrases
Bad Penny by William Anthony McGuire [draft Act II, synopsis]
Happy warrior : a sight of General Smuts at Cambridge, May, 1917, The
Calgary Normal School yearbook, 1944-1945
Hollywood Melody [notes]
Story of Blue Eye, The
The Savage in Silks [synopsis]
Calgary Normal School yearbook, 1933-1934
Marion [installment 5]
Shizu's New Year's Present
The Marriage of Jinyo
What Men Want [typescript draft]
Till: an anthology of poetry
Smithers : a true story of private imperialism
What Men Want [typescript draft]
Rideau Reflections
Sunny San [partial draft]
Adaptation of Shanghai Lady from "Drifting" by John Colton [draft]
The Idol of Paris : screenplay adaptation of "Esther Labarre" by Franz Schulz [draft]
Five Thousand Dollar Reward! [scenarios, treatment draft]
The medicine man : an historical day in the life of a Cree camp
Faculty of Management Yearbook 2000-01, University of Calgary
Sunny San [scenario, prologue]
Queen of My Heart [partial drafts]
Black Rock : A Tale of the Selkirks;  With an introd. by Prof. George Adam Smith
The "Beautifullest" One [revised draft]
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