Military outlook : the allies' prospects of victory, The
Hotel and main street, Norman Wells, Northwest Territories.
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Convocation, 2006-06-07 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2006-06-08 PM: Mannix, Fred, HD (image 002)
Convocation, 2006-06-09 PM (image 002)
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Convocation, 2006-11-14 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2006-06-07 PM: Convocation Band, -Verismo (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 PM: Lau, John, HD (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 PM: Boorman, Michael, OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-05-08 PM: Gall, Grant, OTUC (image 001)
Convocation, 2007-06-14 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2009-06-08 PM (image 011)
Convocation, 2007-11-13 PM: Davis, Gloria, OTUC (image 009)
Convocation, 2007-06-15 PM: McMeekin, Alexandra (Sandy), OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2007-06-13 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-06-11 PM: Affonso, Amanda, OTUC (image 004)
Convocation, 2009-06-11 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2010-06-07 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2010-06-08 PM: Shim, Wilma, OTUC (image 001)
Convocation, 2009-06-10 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2009-06-09 PM (image 002)
8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta.
Convocation, 2008-06-13 PM: Terentiuk, Fred, OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2008-06-09 PM: Conway, Lesley, OTUC (image 001)
Convocation, 2007-06-12 PM (image 002)
Convocation, 2005-06-08 PM: McKinnon, Stuart, OTUC (image 002)
Dust storm at Jenner, Alberta.
8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta.
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Baseball game at Minto Park, Dawson, Yukon Territory.
8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta.
Le coffre à costumes
Convocation, 2006-06-06 PM: Campbell, Finley, OTUC (image 002)
Arrival of first air mail flight to Lethbridge, Alberta.
Convocation, 2005-06-07 PM: Neumann, Jack, OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2005-05-12 PM: van de Sande, J. Hans, OTUC (image 003)
Convocation, 2005-06-06 PM: Bass, Brian, OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2006-06-07 GROUPS (image 002)
Convocation, 2005-06-09 PM: Wilkinson, Gloria, OTUC (image 002)
Convocation, 2005-11-10 PM: Raeburn, Andrew, HD (image 002)
Convocation, 2009-11-12 PM: Shiffman, Barry, HD (image 001)
Convocation, 2005-06-10 PM: Arthur Dumont OTUC (image 002)
Programme of the Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday at Victoria, B.C., May 22, 23, 24
Quartermaster store, 50th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Calgary, Alberta.
High water at Low Level bridge, Edmonton, Alberta.
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