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Bow Falls, Banff.
Bow River, Banff, C.P.R. Hotel.
Equisetum pratense Ehrhart
Mt. Rundle, Banff.
Mt. Rundle, Banff.
Equisetum pratense Ehrhart
C.P.R. Baths, Banff.
Lake Agnes.
[The Great Divide]
[The Great Divide]
Equisetum sylvaticum Linnaeus
Castle Mtn., Banff.
Mt. Eisenhower.
Cathedral Peak.
Mt. Lefroy and Lake Louise
Equisetum variegatum Schleich
Mt. Robson from East.
Seracs Illecillewaet Glacier
Sitka ground-cedar (Ruprecht) Holub
Top Mt. Resplendent.
Top Mt. Resplendent.
Moraine Lake.
A study of the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Banff Centre for Continuing Education
B.C. Mushroom
Albert Canyon
At Albert Canyon.
Hell's Gate.
Twin Falls, Yoho Valley, B.C.
Huperzia selago (Linnaeus) Bernhardi ex Shrank & Martius
Mount Ball.
Victoria Glacier, Mt. Lefroy
Mt. Sir Donald
Banff Avenue.
Selaginella scopulorum Maxon
C.P.R. Hotel, Banff.
Winter Bathing, Banff.
C.P.R. Hotel, Banff.
Selaginella wallacei Hieron
Sulphur Cave, Banff.
Isoetes echinospora var. braunii (Durieu) Engelmann
Government Bath House, Banff.
Abies bifolia A. Murray
Government Bath, Banff.
Mt. Rundle, Banff.
Lake Agnes.
The University of Calgary Conference Services
Proposal for the University Research Park
Giant's Stairway.
Lake Louise & Victoria Glacier
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