EDCI 545 W1988
PHED 351 P1989
Canadian pictures : drawn with pen and pencil
Louisbourg : From its Foundation to its Fall, 1713-1758
British Columbia, its present resources and future possibilities : a brief attempt to demonstrate the value of the province
Le patrimoine architectural du Pontiac
Camping in the Canadian Rockies
Guelph : perspectives on a century of change, 1900-2000
PHED 611 W1995
EDCI 610-20 P1986
PHED 611 F1993
PHED 611 F1989
KNES 611 W2000
PHED 611 F1990
GEOG 533 F2001
St. Andrew's Church, Presbyterian, Vancouver, B.C. : twenty-fifth anniversary, 1888-1913
KNES 611 F1998
LING 413 W2002
PHED 611 F1994
PHED 351 F1993
KNES 611 F1997
FREN 317 S1989
PHED 611 F1992
FREN 315 S1989
EDPS 321 F1984
KNES 611 F1996
The Dubé's: the descendants of Arthur Dubé and Marceline Côté
Introduction to ethnic studies
EDPS 648-01 F1984
PHED 611 F1988
EDPS 222 F1984
FREN 365 W1989
Gold in Cariboo and Kootenay reached only by the Canadian Pacific Railway
Cartwright revisited, 1983
Our people : Carpatho-Rusyns and their descendants in North America
Klondike-Peace gold fields : compiled from Canadian government reports
Ontario's African Canadians, 1865-1915
Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History, Vol. IV, Part I: The Assiniboine
ECON 481 W2002
The Archives of Canada
What a Man Does for Love: a Play in Four Acts : Acts I [partial draft]
LING 411 F1999
LING 411 F2000
ODPU 443 W1990
EDPS 530 F1984
Alberta Stock Exchange Bulletin 1997
LING 613 W2013
The fight in the Beechwoods: a study in Canadian history
Calgary, Canada: City of industrial opportunity
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