William N. Damon on horseback, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Dowley, Harry N.
R.C. Mission hospital, Aklavik N.W.T.
Old Inuk - Tree River, N.W.T
Henry Larsen Banks Island, N.W.T.
All Saints Cathedral. Anqlican church - Aklavik - N.W.T.
Henry Larsen, Banks Island, N.W.T.
R.C. Mission School & Chapel Aklavik N.W.T.
Three Inuk Women Tree River, N.W.T
Looking N.E. - Coppermine, Nunavut
Old Inuk Nouyena - Tree River, N.W.T
Schooners Sacks Harbor, Banks Island N.W.T.
Portrait, Henry larsen Walker Bay N.W.T
Henry Larsen Snowshoeing Tree River, N.W.T
Looking Northwest - Landing Areas at Aklavik - Alkavik, N.W.T.
George N. Erb family
"St Roch" in Spring Tree River N.W.T
Imperial oil storagetanks and warehouse at Aklavik N.W.T.
Inuk Woman, Banks Island, N.W.T.
H. N. Woodsworth honoured with leather jacket on Peigan Reserve, Brocket, Alberta.
H.B.Co. Store and Warehouse at Aklavik N.W.T.
Break-up Fort Simpson Mackenzie River N.W.T.
Holman Island, Victoria Island(West), N.W.T
Looking N.E. - Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut
Inuk woman and child Tree River, N.W.T
H. N. Woodsworth honoured with leather jacket on Peigan Reserve, Brocket, Alberta.
Henry Larsen Resting Dogs Queen Maud Gulf N.W.T.
Inuit Women with Happy Baby Tree River, N.W.T.
Rabbi Lewis N. Ginsburg
A group of Inlanders (inland Inuit) - Inuit Itchens Lake N.E. of Red Rock Lake - Inuit Itchens Lake N.W.T.
Peigan Chiefs honouring H. N. Woodsworth on Peigan Reserve, Brocket, Alberta.
Part of the coal mining establishments - N.Y Alesurd, Svalliard (Spitzhergen)
Inuk Women, Sussie Walkie with Child Banks Island N.W.T.
Inuit, Men and Women, Aboard "St. Roch" Tree River N.W.T.
Anqlican Mission buildings at Aklavik. laundry, supervisers dwelling and school. Aklavik N.W.T.
Edgar N. Young, Calgary, Alberta.
Edgar N. Young, Hampstead, England.
All Saints Anqlican Hospital at Aklavik school and dwelling in distance Aklavik - N.W.T.
McLelan Strait, gneiss strike N-S near entrance to Strait
1st Avenue N, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Inuit at sacks Harbor Banks Island, N.W.T.
Loading the RCMP "St.Roch" - Tuktoyaktuk - Coast of Beaufort Sea, N.W.T
Madeline Martina. - Inuk girl 14 years old - Prince Albert Sound, N.W.T
Four Inuit Women Well-dressed in Warm-hooded Clothes Bathurst Inlet N.W.T.
A double igloo with connecting passage - Prince Albert Sound. Victoria Island, N.W.T
Philip N. Lane - UofL Education Professor
Inuit from Pond Inlet viewing Capt. Kellett's Cache Dealy Island, Melville Sound N.W.T.
Mouth of Windy River. Mountain cranberry in bloom - Nueltin Lake, N.W. Extremity, Nunavut
R.C. Mission Rectory at Aklavik with H.B.Co. Dwelling and warehouse in background Aklavik N.W.T.
Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Hagel, Beiseker, Alberta.
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