Winnipeg Clinic quarterly. Vol. 25, no. 1 (February, 1972)
Group in front of 'Johnston's Refreshments', Bowden, Alberta.
Yukon Field Force, Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Samaritan club presentation of gestetner to Meals on Wheels, Calgary, Alberta.
Ladies' aid from North Hill Presbyterian Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of Pilon and Lepine families, Saskatchewan.
Holy Cross Hospital Women's Auxiliary, Calgary, Alberta.
35th anniversary for Jewish Women's Society, Calgary, Alberta.
Moving John Lineham's house from flood area, Okotoks, Alberta.
Balmoral service station, owned by Robinson family, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.
Mid-winter lawn tennis match, northeast corner of 4th Avenue S and Centre Street, Calgary, Alberta.
Sangster homestead, store and post office, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Mrs. Marcia Goldberg and friends, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Stampede
Church group at Dog Pound, Alberta.
Bible study group in Sunday school room, First Baptist church, Calgary, Alberta.
Threshing at Taylor farm, Delisle [Vanscoy], Saskatchewan.
Mr. and Mrs. William Nimmons in observation car, Victoria, British Columbia.
Hungarian ball, Calgary, Alberta.
First wool growers association in, Alberta.
Art class at Calgary Allied Arts Centre, Calgary, Alberta.
Nickle family leave for Europe, Calgary, Alberta.
Men's and ladies' hockey team at Canmore, Alberta.
New Years baby, George Gibney, Calgary, Alberta.
Burned out family, Calgary, Alberta.
Mormon pioneers of Cardston, Alberta.
Group at State of Israel appeal.
Wedding party outside Vickery home, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Gordon Erickson, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Joseph Schmaltz and Mrs. Schmaltz, Beiseker, Alberta.
Mrs. E. C. Dawson's house, Calgary, Alberta.
Gathering at Tuttle's Hotel, Bull Head, British Columbia.
Calgary Brotherhood Council executive, Calgary, Alberta.
Sod house, Acme area, Alberta.
Peter A. Prince home, Calgary, Alberta.
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