The gold-seeker's handbook and practical assayist : intended to be used in the detection...
St. George's Society, Quebec, founded MDCCCXXXV : officers and members, with the reports, ending 5th January, 1852.
Fergus; the Story of a Little Town.
Claremont past and present : historic sketch written upon occasion of the centennial celebration
K.I.K. country
Trails of Tail Creek Country
The History of Two Hills, Including the Lanuke District
Derbytown Echoes : A History of Rockwood, Lobley, Eagle Point, James River
Wagon Trails Plowed Under: A History of Eagle Valley
Delia Craigmyle Saga
Wagon Trails Grown Over : Sexsmith to the Smoky
Prairie Sod and Goldenrod
Under Eight Flags: Vol. 1
Under Eight Flags: Vol. 2
History of Cravath Corners, 1910-1926
Order of the University of Calgary Recipients: Li, Anita K.F.
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Li, Ka-Shing
Three Flowered Avens = Geum triflorum Pursh (Old Man?s Whiskers; Prairiesmoke; Lies on its bell)
Fleur de lys : d'hier à aujourd'hui
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