Alberta Journals, 1968, 16th Leg., 1st Sess.
Eagle Plume, Blood.
[Pack Ice Stranded Onshore?]
Abandoned gasoline pump which at one time sold Esso Ethyl and Imperial 3-Star gasolines, just outside Parry Sound, Ontario.
Eagle Arrow, Blood.
The Oak Headboards at the Graves of Four Seamen, Three of Whom Died the First Winter on the Franklin Expedition of 1845 at Beechey Island, August 17, 1923
Black Plume, Blood.
'Plan of Township No. 21 Range 26 West of 4th. Meridian'.
Hunger marchers, Edmonton, Alberta.
Morrison Photographs
Officers of Canadian Mounted Rifles in Capetown, South Africa.
Vocational training classes and instructional staff, 13th D.D.C.A. [possibly standing for: Defence Communications Agency]. At Mewata Barracks, Calgary, Alberta.
Morrison Photographs
Woman with Christmas tree light which still works after 21 years, Calgary, Alberta.
Shoot-out, Calgary, Alberta.
United Farmers of Alberta convention, Paget Hall, Calgary, Alberta.
Model railroaders open season, Calgary, Alberta.
Dr. Britton, Residence, Issabella Str., Toronto
Safeway Employees Association, Calgary, Alberta.
Telegram from Frank J. Price Jr. to Charles F. Gray, May 21st, 1919
E.S. Long, Residence, 27 Bennington Hts., Toronto, Ont. By F.B.B.
C21 21
Letter from G. J. Reynolds to Charles F. Gray, May 21st, 1919
Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip getting out of historic stagecoach during visit to Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police veterans.
Reverend A.J. Patstone and Mrs. Dawson outside St. Mary's church, Bentley, Alberta.
Whoosits' contest, held by The Albertan newspaper.
Letter from J. Nicholson to Charles F. Gray, May 21st, 1919
5000X-2425 21
Royal Canadian Mounted Police veterans.
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CA 36 21
CA 184 21
CA 179 21
CA 171 21
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C21 32
C21 22
C21 37
C21 35
C21 52
C21 19
C21 42
C21 43
C21 12
C21 13
C18 21
C17 21
B21 7
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