Alberta Journals, 1939, 8th Leg., 8th Sess.
Representatives of the company's marketing divisions attending Imperial Oil's Spring Dealer Meeting, Toronto, Ontario.
Loading supplies on to plane in winter.
Female employee of Imperial Oil Limited's Statistical Department in her office.
Abandoned gasoline pump which at one time sold Esso Ethyl and Imperial 3-Star gasolines, just outside Parry Sound, Ontario.
Imperial Oil Esso gas pumps standing in flood waters, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Imperial Oil Limited service station attendant filling automobile gas tank.
View of Tropical Oil Company refinery staff buildings, Barrancabermeja, Colombia.
Imperial Oil Company Limited service station, Edmonton, Alberta.
Self-serve gasoline station operated by Northern Hardware Company, Edmonton, Alberta.
Scene at Dutch Auction calf sale held at the Ontario Stock Yards, Toronto, Ontario.
[Two Arctic Foxes, One White and One Grey]
Esso gas pumps at Imperial Oil Limited's warehouse on Finch Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
Imperial Oil Limited's top marketing managers attending a planning meeting held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario.
Crowd gathered to see Vickers Viscount airplane at Malton Airport, Toronto, Ontario.
Riders at round up camp, Upper [Cochrane] Ranche, near Glenwood, Alberta.
Barley contest winner, Calgary, Alberta.
First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Flying Corps cadets at Camp Borden, Ontario.
Reginalde Begin at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Atlantic Walrus on the Ice Floes in the Vicinity of Cape Dorchester, Foxe Channel, Baffin Island, in the Summer of 1928
Retiring general superindent of the Imperial Oil refinery in East Calgary, C.M. Moore, is presented with a portable radio by employees of the plant, Calgary, Alberta.
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry trooping of the colours, Calgary, Alberta.
Lougheed house, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of J. J. Duggan, Calgary, Alberta.
Setukkomuccon (Jim Big Plume), Sarcee, near Calgary, Alberta.
Home of Mrs. James S. Kirkham, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Soldiers from the 50th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, with family at Overyssche, Belgium.
Better Homes Exposition planners, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Railway and Coal Company locomotive and shop staff at Lethbridge, Alberta.
Dunmore Station of the Alberta Railway and Coal Company, Dunmore, Alberta.
Catholic Women's League, Calgary, Alberta.
Kirby wedding, Calgary, Alberta.
Oddfellows present cheque of $1500.00 to Alberta Red Cross Crippled Children's Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Post office, Wildunn, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police veterans.
Baptist Church, Cannington, Ont.
First train to reach Cardston, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police veterans.
Sokols, The
B13 13
Mormon pioneers of Cardston, Alberta.
General store, Castor, Alberta.
Candy stripers at the Calgary General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
C13 13
Group of Mormons having a picnic.
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