Justice on Trial Volume 3
Alberta Journals, 1908, 1st Leg., 3rd Sess.
A Scene in the Arctic with Mountains Rising out of the Sea to a Height of 2,000 to 3,000 Feet
[Rugged Terrain]
Great Snowy Owl
[Portrait of a Man in a Blue Jacket]
Burwash Bay, Nettilling Lake
The Eskimo Hunter, Ashuna, of Cape Dorset in the Winter 1928-1929
[Group of Arctic Hare]
[Landscape of Rugged Terrain and a Stream]
[Two Swimming Loons, with a Sail Boat in the Background]
Pangnirtung Fiord
[Swimming Caribou]
[Two Dogs by the Water, with a Pink Sky]
[Full Body Portrait of an Inuit Woman]
[Portrait of a Person with a Long White Hood]
[Portrait of a Person with a White Hood]
[Likely a Barren-Ground Caribou]
[Inuit Structure, with a Woman and Child Standing in front Holding Hands]
Head of Kukevik (Eskimo Fish Spear) used for the Capture of Arctic Char
[Cotton-Grass and Mushroom]
[Catkins of Arctic Willow (Salix arctica Pall.)?]
[Two Arctic Foxes, One White and One Grey]
The Dwarf Arctic Fire Flower at Pangnirtung Fiord, Mid-July, 1924, Baffin Island
[Tupiq, with Animal Skin being Stretched on a Frame in the Background]
[Two People Holding a Sled, with a Building in the Background]
An Inuit Kayak off Pangnirtung Post
[Mountain Scene in Spring or Summer]
Forms of Icebergs Seen near the Entrance to Cumberland Sound
[Winter Scene with a Cairn in the Foreground]
[An Inuit Holding a Kukevik by the Water's Edge]
An Eskimo Kayak Stored High on Supports above the Reach of Dogs; the Kayaks are so Placed throughout the Winter
A Group of Inuit along the Coast of Nuwata, Baffin Island, during the Summer
[A Boat called the Metik near the Shore]
[Women with a Baby on her Back Standing in front of an Igloo]
Cairn of the Putman Expedition of 1927 at Cape Dorchester, Early April, 1929
[Two Inuit Women, Facing Different Directions, with an Igloo in the Background]
[Tupiit with People Nearby, and a Building with a Red Roof in the Background]
[Person Moving a Sledge]
[People and a Few Dog Teams by Two Igloos.]
A Young Eskimo Woman, Atoto, about Fifteen Years of Age, a Resident of Cape Dorset
[Inuit Cairn on the Bank of the Hantzsch River near the Limestone Highlands, Baffin Island]
A Well-Eroded Iceberg near the Entrance to Cumberland Sound in the Summer of 1924
[Three Different Views of a Fetus of a White Whale (Beluga Whale)]
[View of a Large Body of Water Surrounded by Rugged Terrain]
The Delta of Weasel River at the Head of Pangnirtung Fiord, which is Nineteen Miles from the Settlement of Pangnirtung
Polar Bear in the Eastern Canada
[Building with Two People and a Union Flag Nearby]
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