Canmore, Alberta, Bylaws, 1966
Reel of underground cable for Alberta Government Telephones, Calgary, Alberta.
Cattle at a7 ranch, Nanton, Alberta
Threshing at A.E. Swanson's farm, Falun, Alberta.
Cutting feed, Usher ranch, Scollard, Alberta.
Jack ladder, Ross Mill, Waldo, British Columbia.
Ray and Harvey Pellerin threshing grain, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Cattle, Usher ranch, Scollard, Alberta.
Tanya and Roxy Missikewitz
Mrs. J. Kemmis, feeding bear cubs, Waterton, Alberta.
Antelope at Nemiskam, Alberta.
Tom Hulland with members of Bath family, British Block area, Alberta.
Jesse McHugh feeding antelope at Nemiskam, Alberta.
Purifying solution added to incoming water, Alberta Ice Company, Keith, Alberta.
Unloading grain into pig house, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Artificial lake, Alberta Ice Company, Keith, Alberta.
View of construction of dam on Bow River near Bassano, Alberta.
Turn it's gaining on me!'
Brazilian tapir at the Calgary Zoo train, Calgary, Alberta.
Pens and corrals, Usher ranch, Scollard, Alberta.
Riders at W. R. Payne's Hammer Hill Ranch, Alberta.
Children picket teachers' homes, Calgary, Alberta.
Hold it ... we forgot the elastic bands.'
Calgary Stockyards, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary, Alberta.
Stamp mill.
Alberta Stockyards, Calgary, Alberta.
Aerial views of the Lake Bonaventure area, Calgary, Alberta.
The Knock Less Monster.'
Steers being fed, research station, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Sheep being fed, research station, Lethbridge fair, Alberta.
Atkinson Brothers hand-fed separator, Rexbow area, Alberta.
Alfalfa fed steers by Ben Cool, Carseland, Alberta.
McIntyre ranch steers fed by William Mackie, Calgary, Alberta.
First sheep fed on screenings at Fort William, Ontario.
Alberta Report Magazine
Cattle being fed on Wineglass ranch, north of Brocket, Alberta.
Cattle being fed on Wineglass ranch, north of Brocket, Alberta.
Ice blocks being fed onto conveyor belt, Alberta Ice Company, Keith, Alberta.
Aberdeen Angus grade steer fed alfalfa and sheaf oats, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Keep it well fed and it won't give you any problems'
Baby antelope fed by zoo employees Jack Shier and Helge Neilson, Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
Alfalfa fed steers averaging 1412 pounds and sold for $106.61 each, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Hermanni Boerhaave : praelectiones academicae de morbis nervorum
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