Coalhurst AB. Bylaws 2007
KNES 503-96 F2005
EVDS 683-96 F1985
La Région Matane-Matapédia, ses ressources, ses progrès et son avenir
Notes historiques sur la Vallée de la Matapédia
Kitchener : the industrial city : the birthplace of the great Niagara power movement
Le couvent de Montmagny. Congrégation de Notre-Dame fête son centenaire, 1855-1955. Programme-Souvenir, les 11, 12 juin 1955
Illustration from 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Order of the University of Calgary Recipients: Baker, Charles F.
Sword of Deborah : first-hand impressions of the British women's army in France, The
The Ontario village of Brougham : past! present! future?
A History of Writing-on-Stone N.W.M.P. post.
Elrose up to now.
Ford Trimotor at Edmonton, Alberta.
Electoral divisions in southern Alberta
Executive of the Alberta Camping Association, Banff, Alberta.
Better farming demonstration train, western Canada.
Better farming demonstration train, western Canada.
Mr. Lyn Harding
Mr. Forbes Robertson
Irrigated alfalfa fields, near Vauxhall, Alberta.
Better farming demonstration train, western Canada.
Plan of the city of Calgary Alberta, Canada
Canadian National Railways officials welcome Mabel Beynon Biggs, Calgary, Alberta.
Miss Evelyn D'Alroy as Pamela Townshend and Mr. George Alexander as Captain John D'Arcy
Alberta government agriculture exhibit, Toronto, Ontario.
Miss Phyllis Dare as the Sandow Girl
Group Normal School, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Map showing branches of chartered banks in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
Mr. and Mrs. Kennerley Rumford
Miss Camille Clifford
Mr. Huntley Wright
Miss Marie Studholme
Claude Gallinger, Edmonton, Alberta.
Sod house, near Veteran, Alberta.
Staff and students at Vermilion School of Agriculture, Vermilion, Alberta.
First staff conference of Glenbow Foundation, Banff, Alberta.
Students' self-government organization executive council, Manitoba Agricultural College, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
First shipment of bituminous sand arriving at mixing plant, Jasper, Alberta.
Roadway surfaced with bituminous sand by S. C. Ells, Jasper, Alberta.
Field of fall ploughing, Whitecourt area, Alberta.
Picnic and baseball game, Greencourt, Alberta.
H. A. Craig, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Alberta, with Gallinger bull.
Captain Cardwell's irrigation project, Todd Creek, near Lundbreck, Alberta.
Ford where Frog Creek leaves Frog Lake, Alberta.
45 horse power, I. H. C., Mogul tractor.
Irrigation excavator for Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation canal, Magrath, Alberta.
Woodworking class at Agricultural College, Claresholm, Alberta.
Students, Manitoba Agricultural College, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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