Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1950
Unser Eisernes Kreuz : ein deutsches Heldenbuch
HTST 691-01 F1995
L' admission des femmes à l'Université Laval, 1901-1945 : un compromis entre des objectifs féministes et des objections cléricales
EDPS 695-18 F1982
In der Prärie Nordamerikas
Commemorating fifty years of service of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth : St. Joseph's Hospital, Macklin, Saskatchewan, 1927-1977
Bio-medical laboratory animal science resource centre for the University of Calgary, initial report on a feasibility study
EVDS 701 F1977
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1935
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1928
HTST 445-01 F2002
Brooks, AB. Bylaws, 1922
Tribute to Mr. Aberhart
La définition des genres comme enjeu des débats entre les féministes et les porte-parole antiféministes au Québec au début du XXe siècle : le cas de la Commission Dorion (1929-1931)
Femmes et histoire : bilan de la production universitaire québécoise (1970-1993)
ART 310 EDCI 310 F1974
Love and Millions : The Miser's Will [outline, synopsis, scenarios]
Sangudo, AB. Bylaws, 1957
The medical chronicle, or, Montreal monthly journal of medicine & surgery. Vol. 5, Index (1857/58)
Constitution and by-laws of the Victoria Amateur Orchestral Society : organized April 8th, 1878
HTST 445-01 W2003
HTST 445-01 F2004
University of Calgary annual international health day: opportunities and challenges for the physician working in the developing world
Crossfield, Alberta, Bylaws, 1948
Mundare, AB., Bylaws, 1969
Prairie views from Eye Hill
Effluent irrigation; a possible alternative to river discharge for Calgary's effluent
Formosa book review
Plowshares to Pumpjacks : R.M. of Cymri : Macoun, Midale, Halbrite
Prairie legacy : [Grosswerder and surrounding districts]
Sundre, Alberta, Bylaws, 1950
Spruce Grove, AB. Bylaws, 1961
The Rocking P Gazette: October 1924
John Ware's cow country
Brooks : between the Red Deer and the Bow
Crossfield, Alberta, Bylaws, 1993
Crossfield, Alberta, Bylaws, 1949
Airdrie Bylaws, 1949
Strategic Direction: Looking toward our second 30 years
Synopsis of the birds of Vancouver Island
South Asian Canadian collection
Briefe über West-Canada : ein Wegweiser für Auswanderer
Edward Eaton death announcements [articles]
Historical sketch of Saint James Square Presbyterian Congregation, Toronto, 1853-1903
Lacombe, AB., Bylaws, 1910-1919
Falher, Alberta, Bylaws, 1949
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1931
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