Cardston AB. Bylaws 1964
A Glacier and Snowfields along the East Side of Weasel River, South of Windy Lake and about Six Miles from the End of Pangnirtung Fiord, 1925
Andy Curtis steer riding, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
University Theatre atrium
U of C has complicate life for city council: Calgary Herald article
A prospectus on existing, planned and required buildings
Asbestos removal update
MacEwan Hall: games area proposed renovation
Typical cross section of frozen area from grass roots down with ice dikes some terminating with flat tops. Goldstream area.
Contact of ice mass with silts and gravel at Elephant Point. Eschscholtz Bay. Original film in possession of Robert Frothingham.
Old Time Rangemen's Dinner, Calgary, Alberta.
Group Normal School, Regina, Saskatchewan.
4906-2192 92
4909-2172 92
4905-1998 92
4901-2429 92
Joanna Manning
R24 52
4901-2273 92
E20 92
4916-1926 92
4914A-2131 92
4909A-2191 92
4911-2194A 92
E19 92
Warriors of the rock: Basic social structure of the mountain bands of Stoney Indians at Morley, Alberta
Spruce, swamp and stone : a history of the pioneer Ukranian settlements in the Gimli area
Interior of Eaton's Store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Group of South Alberta Light Horse officers, Calgary, Alberta.
Development of federal Indian policy in Canada, 1840-1890, The
Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories: including the negotiations on which they are based and other information relating thereto
E18 68
E19 75
An aerial view of an unidentified Arctic Island
Inventaire des ressources naturelles et industrielles (section économique) comté municipal de Gaspé-ouest
Singer Sewing Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Alberta Government Telephones building, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Presentation of Birks' musical award, Calgary, Alberta.
An aerial view of an unidentified Arctic Island
African problem and the peace settlement, The
St. Mary and Milk River water development committee, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Group of South Alberta Light Horse officers, Calgary, Alberta.
Our forest home : being extracts from the correspondence of the late Frances Stewart
Unlabeled postcard of salmon wheel. Inscription "Salmon Wheel-Yukon River".
New course of Moose Creek at upper bridge with five lengths of track hanging and entirely stripped of ties.
Columnar lavas on shore of Walrus Island, Pribilof Group, Alaska. Originals by Merle LaVoy.
Unlabeled postcard of lake, trees, and clouds. Inscription "Cooks Inlet along the Alaska R.R."
Unlabeled postcard of strawberries. Inscription "Strawberries, Anchorage, Alaska"
Peat and vegetation pendants into frozen silts thought by Earling to show the lifting of the superajacent layers through intercalations of silt by down hill creep. Fairbanks district.
Dike of clean ice in bedded silts with nearly horizontal structure on Upper Goldstream. Near shell locality. Mr. Bigelow.
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