Cardston AB. Bylaws 1936
[Two Dogs by the Water, with a Pink Sky]
Pete Knight on 'Too Bad', Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Barren Grounds Caribou in Early Winter on the Great Plains of the Koukdjuak in Western Baffin Island, September, 1926
Nova Scotian black boxers: reunion and remembrance night, Saturday, October 1, 1988, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Pete Knight on 'Too Bad', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Dorset, Baffin Island
Dorset, Baffin Island
Dorset, Baffin Island
McLelan Strait
Upraised beach, Cape Dorset, Baffin Island
McLelan Strait, gneiss strike N-S near entrance to Strait
Terrain north of Baker Lake
View of 6'pipeline construction, Turner Valley area, Alberta.
Fire at Royalite #4 well site at Black Diamond, in Turner Valley area, Alberta.
Inuit woman with child and young girl with dog
Igloos at winter camp, Baker Lake
Dog sleds at Baker Lake
'Porcupine Sheet, West of Fifth Meridian'.
Police motor boat "Lady Borden"
R.N.W.M. Police Detachment at Baker Lake
Flying E Ranch, Willow Creek, Alberta.
Group Normal School, Regina, Saskatchewan.
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E5 64
4911A-2191 64
E6 64
E18 64
E17 64
E8 64
E19 64
E10 64
E20 64
4907-2456 64
4906-2192 64
4903-2273 64
R26 24
R27 24
R37 25
R23 24
E7 64
4901-2130 64
R36 24
R24 24
4913B-2131 64
A7697 64
A7911 64
The Polish presence in Canada and America
Opinions from the centre : the position of minorities in a Canadian university
Italians in Ontario
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