Coaldale, AB. Bylaws, 1974
The Pursuit of Ernest Cashel
Luther celebrations of 1917, The
Why the war must go on
Histoire d'Acadie par les textes. Fascicule D, 1930-1974
My return from Rome : pastoral letter
The  Grey Nuns in the far north, 1867-1917
Control of foreign policy, The
When the War Will End
Bulgarie et son peuple d'après les temoignages étrangers , La. Deuxième edition
War and the nations, The
An open letter to Horatio Bottomley (editor of John Bull)
Britain's financial effort
Desert Cats: The Canadian fighter squadron in the Gulf War
Polémiques et documents touchant le Nord-Ouest et l'exécution de Louis Riel. Extraits de l'Etendard. Premier fascicule se rapportant principalement aux évènements antérieurs à 1885
Lecture du milieu : Saskatoon
Ottoman domination, The
Albanian question, The
Oxford pamphlets, 1914-1915
Lecture du milieu : Gravelbourg
Nicolas Denys : sa vie et son oeuvre
Trade unionism in war-time : being open letters to the labour movement
Histoire d'Acadie par les textes. Fascicule A, 1604-1760
Légendes du Nord-Ouest
Lecture du milieu : Ponteix
Histoire d'Acadie par les textes. Fascicule C, 1867-1930
Histoire d'Acadie par les textes. Fascicule B, 1760-1866
German rule in Africa
Aaron Hart, récit historique
If the British fleet had not moved!
Alsace under German rule
Dr. Miroslav Tyrs : the founder of the Sokol-union
Security for allied loans, The
Pan-German programme : the Petition of the six associations and the Manifesto of the intellectuals, The
Ottawa : recueil iconographique
Legend of the "Francs-tireurs" of Louvain : a reply to the report of Professor Meurer, The
Verite sur la Macedoine, La
Great Britain and the European crisis : correspondence and statements in Parliament, together with an introductory narrative of events
Fiscal policy of the future : being opinions of some representative men, The
Members' circular
To neutral peace-lovers : a plea for patience
Histoire de Saint-Jacques d'Embrum, Russell, Ontario
Truth about England exposed in a letter to a neutral, The
What is the matter with England? : criticism and a reply
Freedom of the seas : interview given by the Rt. Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, The
Saskatchewan soccer : a history
Memorandum on the records of departures from trade union rules
Chouart et Radisson : odyssée de deux canadiens français au XVII siècle
Note from the Russian provisional government and the British reply respecting allied war aims
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