Coaldale, AB. Bylaws, 1948
Forest Lawn, Alberta, west of fourth meridian, Ed. 2.
Forest Lawn, Alberta, west of fourth meridian, Ed 1.
Histoire de Val-d'Or : des origines à 1995
Peace Proposals and the Attitude of the Allies
Morocco and Armageddon
Our ultimate objects in this war : what does crushing German militarism and destroying the domination of Prussia really mean?
"Gentlemen" of Germany
Review of the British war literature on the Polish problem : translated from Uwagi (observations), a Polish quarterly appearing in Geneva, January, 1916, A
Colonial preference
Why Italy is at war
How do we stand today? : a speech delivered by the Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, Prime Minister, in the House of Commons, on the 2nd. November, 1915
Jews among the Entente leaders
Une Ville de locataires : Québec au XVIIIe siècle
German White Book on the war in Belgium : a commentary by Professor A. A. H. Struycken, The
Trail of the Barbarians, The
Breezy reminiscences of Manitoba
Ireland and the war : speeches delivered by John E. Redmond, M.P. (leader of the Irish Party), at Dublin and Kilkenny, on September 25th and October 18th, 1914
League of Nations and labour, The
La vieille capitale, Québec historique, 1608-1908
La famille Dufros de Lajemmerias
Polish question as an international problem, The
Krupp's director on German policy, A
Brotherhood and world peace
Unemployment in Belgium during the German occupation and its general causes
Partis politiques Tchécoslovaques
English spirit : extract from a letter to a neutral : by an Englishman, The
Huns at home during three years of the Great War, The
National music of Poland : its character and sources, The
Austro-Magyar judicial crimes : persecutions of the Jugoslavs: political trials, 1908-1916
August the fourth, 1914 in the Belgian parliament
Why Germany made war
Chez nos ancêtres de 400 millions d'années
People's peace : a League of Nations versus militarism, A
"What you can do for your country" : appeal to the boys and girls of the empire
Population Bruxelloise, victime du tir de l'artillerie allemande, La
Kipling's message
Colour-blind neutrality : an open letter to Doctor George Brandes
Aaron Hart, récit historique
German colonies : what is to become of them?, The
Pioneering in Alberta : Maurice Destrube's story
Necessity knows no law.
A history of Deep River, July 1970
Newfoundland, a pictorial record
British and German finance
How can war ever be right?
War : the victory of the allies : what is necessary and unnecessary to ensure our triumph, The
Short peace and war bibliography, A
Russian Zemstvos and towns = Zemstvos et municipalites Russes
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