Abies balsamea (Linnaeus) Miller
Bromus porteri (J. M. Coult.) Nash
Schizachne purpurascens (Torrey) Swallen
Arnica angustifolia subsp. tomentosa (J.M. Macoun) G.W. Douglas & Ruyle-Douglas
Oryzopsis asperifolia Michaux
X Elyleymus hirtiflorus (Hitchcock) Barkworth
Lomatium macrocarpum (Hooker & Arnott) J.M. Coulter & Rose
Lomatium macrocarpum (Hooker & Arnott) J.M. Coulter & Rose
Poa annua Linnaeus
Veronica persica Poiret
Poa abbreviata subsp. pattersonii (Vasey) Á. Löve, D. Löve & B.M. Kapoor
Spiraea splendens Baumann ex K. Koch
System of practical medicine, Volume  IV : diseases of the genito-urinary and cutaneous systems : medical opthalmology, and otology, A
Osmorhiza purpurea (J.M. Coulter & Rose) Suksdorf
Sixty American opinions on the war
Moosomin Century One : Town and Country
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