William Edward Meredith Holmes fonds
Fruits of victory : have our statesmen won the peace our soldiers fought for?, The
Economic War After the War
True and false pacifism, The
St. Louis periscope, The
Pour le peuple bulgare
Through French eyes
The Great War: Speech delivered by The Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, M.P. (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
After three years : a restatement of British war aims.
Wrecking the constitution : that is what Lloyd George and his friends are doing, does it matter to you?
Peace with honour : controversial notes on the settlement. Second edition
Issue, The
Population Bruxelloise, victime du tir de l'artillerie allemande, La
Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages : appointed by His Majesty's government and presided over by the Right Hon. Viscount Bryce, O.M., &c., &c., formerly British Ambassador at Washington
Attack upon freedom of speech : the broken-up meeting at the Memorial Hall, 29th November, 1915, The
British war aims.
Russia quarterly : with special revolution supplement, The
Great Britain and the War: A Book for Boys and Girls
Persia, Finland, and our Russian alliance
Modern wars and the peace ideal
True pastime : some observations on the German attitude towards war, The. Second edition
French members of parliament and the "knock-out blow."
To the men behind the armies : an address delivered on February 18, 1917, at the Æolian Hall, at a meeting of the Fight for Right Movement
Our ultimate objects in this war : what does crushing German militarism and destroying the domination of Prussia really mean?
How the English take the war
Some facts about India : interviews with Lord Islington during November, 1916
Germany's fading credit
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