English Illustrated Magazine, The
Yuvileyna pamyatka 25-littia novitsian otsiv Vasyliyan u Monderi
Silver jubilee book of the M. Hrushevsky Institute in Edmonton
Стратегическіе набѢги-рейды кавалеріи въ русско-японскую войну
Справочная книжка по тактикѢ
Наставленіе для обученія саперныхъ баталіоновъ по искуственной части
Японская армія : справочникъ современнаго устройства японскихъ вооруженныхъ силь
Pershyi ukrains'kyi epyskop Kanady Kyr Nykyta Budka
RUSS 397 S2008
Sami potatoes : living with reindeer and perestroika
Journal du marquis de Montcalm durant ses campagnes en Canada de 1756 à 1759
Alberta Gazette 1982
The Savage in Silks [early synopsis]
Indian Summer [synopsis, draft]
Ecology of feral horses in western Alberta
The Jamaica maroons : how they came to Nova Scotia : how they left it
The History of Cramahe Township : Castleton, Dundonald, Edville, Morganston, Salem, Shilo, Red Cloud
Rockyford : Where We Crossed the Creek and Settled
Crossfield, Alberta, Bylaws, 1990
Greater Edmonton real estate directory
Early History of Calgary
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, 1823-1914 : fur trade post to settled district
Alberta Bills: 2nd Legislature, 1st Session
Three years' hunting and trapping in America and the great North-west
Brampton : An illustrated history
Supplemental data to internal OIR report 93i
Benchmarks : A History of Eastnor Township and Lion's Head
The University of Calgary research inventory 1974
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