Calgary Stampede parade, 1945
Kanadiiskaia zhyzn. Vol. 02, no. 21 (February, 1923)
The University of Calgary's position on funding iniquity among Alberta universities
Department of Surveying Engineering annual report for Calendar Year 1991
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 005
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 020
Department of Geomatics Engineering annual report for Calendar Year 1992
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 014, Number 001
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 011
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 009
Ponoka, AB. Bylaws, 1956
Deux cent cinquantième anniversaire de la fondation de Nicolet : conférence donnée dans la Cathédrale de Nicolet le 23 novembre 1919
Description of the country between Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean, on the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway
The University of Calgary's Position on Funding Inequity Among Alberta Universities
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 021
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 016
Report for the University of Calgary consolidated radioisotope licence
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 005
Gauntlet, Volume 017, Number 019
Medicine Hat, AB., Bylaws, 1985
Medical times (Kingston, Ont.). Vol. 1, no. 14 (October 4, 1873)
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 001
Gauntlet, Volume 007, Number 019
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 006
Gauntlet, Volume 007, Number 007
Gauntlet, Volume 007, Number 001
Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Bylaws 1998
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 003
Business Operations Second Quarter report 2007-2008
Gauntlet, Volume 017, Number 017
A short history of Newfoundland : England's oldest colony
Business Operations annual report 2006-07
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1990
Medicine Hat, AB., Bylaws, 2005
Biographie de F.X. Garneau
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 007
Annual report to the Defence Research Board on "The effect of shape on stress resultants and deformations in shells of revolution"
British Columbia : Report of the Hon. H.L. Langevin, C.B. Minister of Public Works
Alberta Hansard, 1972, index
Roughing it after gold
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 019
Alberta Hansard, 1973, index
The Emigrant to North America
Tallystick 1987–88
The History of Acadia : from its first discovery to its surrender to England by the treaty of Paris
Canada and the Canadians in 1846. Volume 2
Règlements, usages et discipline du Diocese de Saint-Albert : promulguês en l'annêe 1903
Inventaire chronologique des livres, brochures, journaux et revues. Vol. 4 : Cartes, plans, Atlas relatifs à la Nouvelle-France et à la Province de Québec, 1508-1908
Annual Report 1991 Faculty of Engineering
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