Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
War : its causes and its message : speeches delivered August-October 1914, The
Stray thoughts on the war
Christ and the world at war : sermons preached in war-time
War documents offered for sale for the benefit of the Asiles des Soldats Invalides Belges
To the Italian armies
War pictures behind the lines
Night of August 2-3, 1914, at the Belgian foreign office, The
Ways of war, The
Anvil of war : letters between F.S. Oliver & his brother, 1914-1918, The
Defence of the realm : contraband of war
German war aims
Letters from Flanders : some war-time letters of the Rev. P.B. Clayton (Tubby) to his mother
Why the United States of America entered the war
Bloodless War
In the heart of the tragedy
Diplomatic correspondence respecting the war published by the Belgian government : presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty, October 1914
English Wife in Berlin
Melbourne University magazine. War memorial number, The
Reports on the violation of the rights of nations and of the laws and customs of war in Belgium
Great Britain and the War : a book for boys and girls
Presse Belge, 1914-1918 : rapport présenté, La
Religion and the war
Dawn of Armageddon, or, "The provocation by Serbia" (vide German Note to Neutrals, Jan. 11, 1917), The
Who is right in the world-war?
How can war ever be right?
Some aspects of the war as viewed by naturalized British subjects
In France
Correspondence with the Netherlands government respecting the requisitioning of Dutch ships by the associated governments
University of Aberdeen Roll of Service in the Great War 1914-1919
Bulletin of recent books on the Great War, A
Tsardom's part in the war : [with notes on the Times' recent "revelations"]. Second edition
War profiteering in the worsted trade
Great Britain and the War: A Book for Boys and Girls
After three years : a restatement of British war aims.
Trench pictures from France. Third impression
German theory and practice of war
Two years of war
Papers relating to German atrocities, and breaches of the rules of war, in Africa
War of liberation, A
Germany and Belgium before and during the war
August the fourth, 1914 in the Belgian parliament
Our bit : memories of war service
War and the Citizen
America and freedom : being the statements of President Wilson on the War
Legend of the "Francs-tireurs" of Louvain : a reply to the report of Professor Meurer, The
McGill University at war : 1914-1918, 1939-1945
Destruction of Kalisz, The
Album des crimes bulgares : annexes aux documents relatifs aux violations des conventions de la Haye et du droit international en général, commises de 1915-1918 par les bulgares en Serbie occupée
Why British labour supports the war
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