German war ethics
How can war ever be right?
Moral aspects of the European war : a lecture delivered under the auspices of the Nucleu de Propaganda Pro-Alliados at the Academia de Estudos Livres on the 13th May, 1917
Menace of Peace
Ethical problems of the war : an address
Evidence in the Case in the Supreme Court of Civilization as to the Moral Responsibility for the War
Gods in the Battle
War and the Citizen
Socialism and war
Religion and the war
Hostage in Germany
Christ and the world at war : sermons preached in war-time
Roots of a world-commonwealth, The
War : its causes and its message : speeches delivered August-October 1914, The
Bulletin of recent books on the Great War, A
War and Civilization
Americans and the world-crisis
Allied peace : being an unofficial forecast of the terms of peace, An
League of Nations in history, The
World in Ferment
War and the workers : a study guide for the use of study circles, classes, and individual students on questions arising out of the Great European War
Economics of war, The
War Aims and Peace Ideals
Women and war
Militarism and Statecraft
German war : some sidelights and reflections, The
Between St. Dennis and St. George
Sixty American opinions on the war
Germany's colonial failure : her rule in Africa condemned on German evidence
World's debate : an historical defence of the allies, The
English Wife in Berlin
Hindenburg's march into London : being a translation from the German original
America's Arraignment of Germany
After the War
Policy of national instinct : a speech delivered by M. Take Jonesco in the Roumanian Chamber of Deputies during the sitting of the 16th & 17th December, 1915, The
What Germany is fighting for
German school as a war nursery : from the French Pédagogie de guerre allemande, The
Our bit : memories of war service
Turks, Cardinal Newman, and the Council of Ten, The
War-time speeches : a compilation of public utterances in Great Britain
Germany's annexationist aims
For the right : essays and addresses
Nova Scotia's part in the Great War
Military strategy versus diplomacy in Bismarck's time and afterwards
Sidelights on Germany
Germany and Eastern Europe
The German Menace before the War
Through French eyes
Companionship in Arms.
Austro-Magyar judicial crimes : persecutions of the Jugoslavs: political trials, 1908-1916
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