Germany's fading credit
Germany's annexationist aims
Germany's colonial failure : her rule in Africa condemned on German evidence
Economic weapon in the war against Germany, The
Upright sheaf : Germany's intentions after the war, The. Second edition
Why Germany made war
Germany and Belgium before and during the war
Fight for right pocket book for 1918, The
How Germany makes war. Ninth edition.
Finances of Great Britain and Germany, The
To make men traitors: Germany's attempts to seduce her prisoners-of-war
Reports on the violation of the rights of nations and of the laws and customs of war in Belgium
One American's opinion of the European War : an answer to Germany's appeals
Kalendar of "Kultur" : some outstanding dates and facts to remember when "our German friends" talk of a German peace, A
Quality of mercy : how British prisoners of war were taken to Germany in 1914, The
German war aims
How Britain strove for peace : a record of Anglo-German negotiations, 1898-1914, told from authoritative sources
Germany's future : with a good peace and a bad peace
Bloodless War
Commemorative medal in the service of Germany, The
Militarism at work in Belgium and Germany
German theory and practice of war
Germany at bay
Economic Germany : "German industry considered as a factor making for war"
America's Arraignment of Germany
German school as a war nursery : from the French Pédagogie de guerre allemande, The
To ensure a durable peace Germany must not be allowed to keep a single military or commercial aeroplane
German land hunger and other underlying causes of the war
Anti-Semitism in Germany
Right and might : a lesson which Germany must be made to unlearn
Towards extermination : Germany's treatment of the African native
German to Germans : an open letter, A
Awakening of the German people, The
Militarism and Statecraft
British and German finance
Britain's case against Germany : a letter to a neutral
Naval prospects in 1917
Conditions in Germany
War of liberation, A
German Catholics and peace
Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
Germany's lost colonial empire and the essentials of reconstruction
War and Civilization
Beast, The
Secrets of the Kaiser's reign
Coming democracy, The
Correspondence respecting the use of police dogs in prisoners' camps in Germany
Notes concerning the economic situation between the allies and Germany before and after the war
Convicted out of her own mouth : the record of German crimes
Hostage in Germany
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