Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
War : its causes and its message : speeches delivered August-October 1914, The
German war aims
War documents offered for sale for the benefit of the Asiles des Soldats Invalides Belges
War and the future, The
Great Britain and the War : a book for boys and girls
Anvil of war : letters between F.S. Oliver & his brother, 1914-1918, The
Why Germany made war
Through the Hindenburg line : crowning days on the Western Front
How Britain strove for peace : a record of Anglo-German negotiations, 1898-1914, told from authoritative sources
Quality of mercy : how British prisoners of war were taken to Germany in 1914, The
Economic weapon in the war against Germany, The
Bulletin of recent books on the Great War, A
Fight for right pocket book for 1918, The
Canada in the Great World War : an authentic account of the military history of Canada from the earliest days to the close of the War of the Nations. Vol. III, Guarding the Channel ports
Presse Belge, 1914-1918 : rapport présenté, La
McGill University at war : 1914-1918, 1939-1945
University of Aberdeen Roll of Service in the Great War 1914-1919
Naval prospects in 1917
Bloodless War
Voice of the dominions : addresses, The
German theory and practice of war
War for ever
Pipes of war : a record of the achievements of pipers of Scottish and overseas regiments during the war, 1914-18, The
Who is right in the world-war?
Win the War for Permanent Peace
Germany's fading credit
Tragedy of the Jews in the European war zone, The. Tenth edition
War Aims and Peace Ideals
War and peace : the German snare
Arbitration in history
War profiteering in the worsted trade
Militarism at work in Belgium and Germany
War and Civilization
Militarism and Statecraft
Reply to the German white book of the 10th May, 1915, "Die völkerrechtswidrige führung des Belgischen volkskriegs."
Great crime and its moral, The
Great Britain and the War: A Book for Boys and Girls
British railways and the war
German Catholics and peace
Economic reconstruction after the war
Secrets of the Kaiser's reign
Threat of German world-politics, The
Blockade of Britain : being the evidence submitted by Robert Williams, Secretary, National Transport Workers' Federation, before the Departmental Committee on Food Prices, 11th Oct. 1916, The
War of liberation, A
Documents relating to the great war
Disclosures of a German staff officer : the letter of Paul Ehrhardt, merchant, soldier and spy with facsimiles of his handwriting
German note and the reply of the allies, The
We must go on to victory
Three years' war for peace. Second impression
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