The John Wilson Family group, Calgary, Alberta.
United Brotherhood of Leather Workers.
Wilson, John
Tom Wilson's pack outfit, Banff, Alberta.
Horse 'Prince', Edmonton, Alberta.
John S. Wilson home, Canmore, Alberta
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Wilson, Dr. John Tuzo
Curlers at Innisfail, Alberta.
Early curlers, Innisfail, Alberta.
Members of Tom Wilson's pack team in camp, en route to Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
CBC Presents: The CBC Festival Contemporary Ensemble, July 14, 1973
Football (soccer) team, Innisfail, Alberta.
Pioneer and mountaineers in Yoho Valley, British Columbia.
Group at Castle Mountain railway station, Alberta.
Group at Lake Louise, Alberta.
Soccer team, Innisfail, Alberta.
John Murray Gibbon, Alberta.
Following pack train horses across bridge, en route to Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
John Wilson with dead lynx, [Banff], Alberta.
Reverend John McDougall, with First Nations peoples at fairgrounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Leading pack train horses down road, en route to Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Reverend John McDougall, walking with First Nations peoples near Calgary, Alberta.
Wilson School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Pack train horse being loaded with supplies, en route to Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Banff School group, Banff, Alberta.
CBC Concert Series March, 1973
John Orton, rector of St. Mark's Anglican Church, Innisfail, Alberta.
Group of children at Whitecourt, Alberta.
CBC Festival of Music 1968, September 19 to October 5
Stoney group, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Pack outfit, Banff, Alberta.
CBC Toronto Festival, July 9, 1971
August Kremer house, Innisfail, Alberta.
Wilson, George W.
Bank staff beside Imperial Bank of Canada building, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Reverend John Wurz.
Business street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Alberta street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Methodist Church, Innisfail, Alberta.
Business street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Wilson, Kate Denin
Cree people in Innisfail area, Alberta.
Unveiling of cenotaph, Innisfail, Alberta.
Bowden, Alberta.
View of Main street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Alberta street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Main Street, Innisfail, Alberta.
Clay pit at brick yard, Innisfail, Alberta.
Bird's-eye view, Innisfail, Alberta.
View of railway street, Innisfail, Alberta.
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