Valley Echoes : [life along the Red Deer River Basin, Saskatchewan, 1900-1980]
Valley Echoes : [life along the Red Deer River Basin, Saskatchewan, 1900-1980]
Our community : Jellicoe, Dukesbury, Toledo, White Heron, Ivy, Oakwood, Norris
The gold-seeker's handbook and practical assayist : intended to be used in the detection...
America's Arraignment of Germany
Peebles and District History, including school districts : Beeston, Clayton, Peebles, White Rose, Rhineland
Luseland Hub and Spokes : a History of Luseland, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1905-1983. Volume 1
Music and Communications: Glenn Gould's 'Higher Calling'
The Heart of Hyacinth [synopsis, screenplay treatment]
Longman's Magazine ; My Magazine ; Popular Mechanics ; Star Magazine ; Storyteller ; Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine ; Big-Book Detective Magazine...
At school in Kingston, 1850-1973 : the story of Catholic education in Kingston and district
Episode 3: Bola Agbaje / Kanika Batra
White eagle of Poland, The
Regina Cemetery Walking Tour : Multicultural. Tour 2 (White Tour)
Responses to the White Paper on academic strategy
Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Tour : Multicultural. Tour 2 (White Tour)
Annual Report 1996–1997, University of Calgary
“Through Eastern Seas, Formosa Bound”
Annual Report 1997–1998, University of Calgary
Gauntlet, Volume 013, Number 003
Queen’s Quarterly
Truth and travesty : an analytical study of the reply of the Belgian government to the German white book ("Die wolkerrechtwidrige [sic] fuhrung des belgischen volkskrieg")
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 009
Hell"s Harvest [synopsis]
The people versus the white plague, February 17th, 1911 - February 17th, 1961
Tributes to JWD
“The Island of Formosa Past and Present”
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 013
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 011
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 012
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 002
Hell"s Harvest [synopsis]
New York Amusement Emporium brochure
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 022
Presentations re Rotary
Effects of white contact upon Blackfoot culture : with special reference to the role of the fur trade, The
White Caps and Red Roses: History of the Galt School of Nursing, Lethbridge, Alberta 1910-1979
Reports to Rotary International
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 007
HTST 501-01 F1997
‘Lillian Dow Davidson’ scrapbook
HTST 509-02 F2000
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 004
Journal of the America Association of China
HTST 509-01 W2004
Harvest of Memories : a history of the districts of Beaverton, Goodridge, Larkin, Maloy, Truman and White Rat
HTST 509-01 F1998
HTST 509-01 W2002
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