CBC Presents: The CBC Festival String Orchestra, Feb. 1, 1973
CBC Toronto Festival, June 12, 1971
CBC Concerts at St. James' April, 1971
New Music Concerts, 1978
CBC Toronto Festival, July 1969
CBC Presents: The 1972 Canadian Music Council Conference, 1972
CBC Toronto Festival, July 19, 1971
CBC Concert Series February, 1973
Canadian Broadcast Policy and the Development of Concert Music 1930-1980
CBC Toronto Festival, June 1970
CBC Winnipeg Festival, Music on Campus, 1967
Concert Music in Canada and the Development of CBC Commissions until 1979
CBC Festival of Music 1968, September 19 to October 5
CBC Music Policies and the Broadcasting Environment
CBC Presents: Steven Staryk, Paul Helmer, November 9, 1972
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Orchestra,  Maureen Forrester, Feb. 10, 1973
CBC Concerts at St. James' February, 1971
CBC Summer Music Festival 1974, June 27
CBC Toronto Festival, May 29, 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, June 2, 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, May 1969
CBC Presents: The Orford String Quartet, July 10, 1973
CBC Toronto Festival, 1967
CBC Concert, Lyric Arts Trio of Canada, 1971
CBC Concert, Bach Aria Group, March 12, 1971
New Music Concerts, 1979
CBC Toronto Festival, June 5, 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, June 9, 1971
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Orchestra,  Orford String Quartet, January 6, 1973
CBC and The Canada Council: The World Premiere of Lustro
CBC Concerts at St. James' March 13, 1972
CBC Concert, Guy Fallot, Emmanuelle Lammasse, 1971
CBC Winnipeg Festival 1971
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
The impact of foreign electronic media on cultural sovereignty:  Canada as a case study
The Crisis of Canadian Cultural Sovereignty
CBC Toronto Festival, July 9, 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, July 21, 1971
CBC Talent Festival, 1974-1975
CBC Festival of Music September 12, 1972
Canada and the Road to the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Canadian Cultural Sovereignty and the Implications for Canadian Youth
CBC Toronto Festival, June 30, 1971
CBC: St. Lawrence Hall Concerts, March 23, 1968
CBC: "Mademoiselle" Elizabeth Benson Guy, 1967
CBC Toronto Festival, May 21, 1971
CBC Radio Festival of Music 1971
CBC Radio Presents: 100-Voice Toronto Mendelssohn Choir,  1973
CBC Festival of Music 1966
Communciations in Canada: past, present and future
CBC Radio, November 30, 1969
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