Case of the Allies : being the replies to President Wilson, and Mr. Balfour's despatch, The
To the men behind the armies : an address delivered on February 18, 1917, at the Æolian Hall, at a meeting of the Fight for Right Movement
Memorial to the International from the Bohemian branch of the Socialist Party in America
Un-commonsense about the war
Industrial unionism : what it is and what it isn't
Slave raids in Belgium : facts about the deportations
Socialism and war
British railways and the war
Ways of war, The
Documents relating to the great war
Outbreak of the war
War Against War
Christ and the world at war : sermons preached in war-time
War and the nations, The
Bulletin of recent books on the Great War, A
War traders, The
German land hunger and other underlying causes of the war
War of liberation, A
Why Italy is at war
The War and the Way Out
Women in industry
War and the Balkans, The
Austrian socialism and the present war
Christianity and war : an appeal to plain but uncommon sense
Britain and the war : a study in diplomacy
German policy before the war
Downfall of protectionist tariffs in war time
Third great war in relation to modern history, The
Bloodless War
War pictures behind the lines
Why the United States of America entered the war
Hurrah and hallelujah : the spirit of new-Germanism, a documentation
Diplomatic correspondence respecting the war published by the French government
Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
Reports on the violation of the rights of nations and of the laws and customs of war in Belgium
Sixty American opinions on the war
German war : some sidelights and reflections, The
After three years : a restatement of British war aims.
Three years' war for peace. Second impression
Pan-Germanism versus Christendom
Germany and the next war. Popular edition
True and false pacifism, The
German Social Democracy During the War
Great crime and its moral, The
Episode of the great war : the Limburg manoeuvre of August 1914 : a study of the strategic position of Dutch-Limburg, An
Question of Alsace-Lorraine, The
True pastime : some observations on the German attitude towards war, The. Second edition
Persia, Finland, and our Russian alliance
Dawn of Armageddon, or, "The provocation by Serbia" (vide German Note to Neutrals, Jan. 11, 1917), The
War and Civilization
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