From Budapest to Briercrest : settling the new land
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
Knights of Columbus in Saskatchewan, 1907-1982 : a history of achievement
Humboldt on the Carlton trail
Life as it was : Prud'homme, Saskatchewan, 1897-1981
Ukrainian Pioneer Days in Early Years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District, Sask.
Aboriginal geographical names of Canada : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
Moosomin Century One : Town and Country
Saskatchewan medical quarterly. Vol. 10, no. 4 (December, 1946)
Cordwood days to modern ways : Carragana, Chelan, High Tor, Porcupine Plain, Somme, Weekes
More than Medicare
The road from yesterday to today : history of Tiger Hills, Waitville & districts
From forest to field, 1903-1983 : Mistatim and districts
Quest for a New Homeland : The Founding of St. Peter's Colony in Saskatchewan
Meskanaw : Its Story and its People
Stalwart folk : Stalwart, Saskatchewan and area, 1905-1980
Ninety Years of Golf : an illustrated history of golf on the prairie
Native Canadian geographical names : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
Music for one -- music for all : the story of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association, 1908-1988
Footprints of time : Viscount and district, 1905-1985
The Legacy of St. Peter's Colony
Old & new furrows : the story of Rosthern
Memoirs of Mariposa
Daphne memories
Lewchuk's Creative Magic
A cross in the clearing : a history, 1903-1980
Birch Hills (Harperview), Coolidge, Heatherdell : the people and the history
The sword of Saint Paul : a history of the Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-1983
Milestones & Memories
The history of Atwater, Saskatchewan : and the surrounding districts, Barra, Coma Park, Fertile Belt, Glyndwr
The first fifty years
Blended heritage
Mileposts to memories
A lasting legacy
Homestead to Heritage : History of Armley and Districts of Manlius, Armley, Silver Stream, Waterfield.
From prairie wool to golden grain : Raymore and district, 1904-1979
A Tapestry of Time : a history of Spiritwood, Mildred and Norbury Districts
Memories of Plato
Reflections : a history of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika
Livelong legacies
Links with the past : Belbutte, Bapaume
Ripples and Reflections : Hanley
Westside echoes
Memories forever : Elstow and district, 1900-1983
Chips off the block : Moose Range (School) District, Carlea, Dartmore, Aylsham, Redwood, Luing or Meteor, Free State, Meadowcroft (West)
Search for yesteryears : a history of Newfield School and districts of Elkhorn, Little Bridge, Murphy Creek, Newfield and Teddington
Bridging the years : era of Blaine Lake and district, 1790-1980
Aberdeen, 1907-1981
The Hands of Time : Village of Buchanan, 1907-1987, R.M. of Buchanan, 1913-1988, and district
Treasured Memories : Yellow Lake and District
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