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The Exeter and the North Saskatchewan
Canadian Rockies and Foothills Biogeoscience Institute, University of Calgary 06/07 annual report
Alberta Gazette 1939
Roads to Rose Lynn
Rosyth Memories : 1906-1965
Henry Y. Pawling family, Wainwright, Alberta.
Team hauling load of flour from mill at Wainwright, Alberta.
Homestead with sod houses and outbuildings, Lacombe area, Alberta.
Group at Serena Larson home, Hardisty area, Alberta.
A.P. Bert Drever, and sister Jean, Hardisty, Alberta.
Bird's eye view. Hardisty, Alberta.
Gravert homestead, near Hardisty, Alberta.
Tent house at Hardisty Lake, Alberta.
Mr. MacMillan, beside his tarpaper shack, Irma area, Alberta.
Smith's sod house, Denwood, Alberta.
Homestead shack, Wainwright, Alberta.
Sod houses near Wainwright, Alberta.
Camp Wainwright , Alberta.
Fly camp on Threepoint Creek, Alberta.
Camp at Ware Creek, Alberta.
Camp about fifteen miles west of the Alaska Highway, Buckinghorse River, British Columbia.
Logging camp near mouth of Twitya River, Northwest Territories.
Cabins on Bragg Creek, Alberta.
Con Hage's camp, Coal Creek, Alberta.
Grace Methodist Church and manse, Wainwright, Alberta.
4th Avenue, Wainwright, Alberta.
Pioneers sod-roofed shack in Wainwright area, Alberta.
Bird's eye view of Wainwright, Alberta.
Middle view of Wainwright, Alberta.
Middle view of Wainwright, Alberta.
View of Wainwright, Alberta with Park Hotel in foreground.
View of Wainwright, Alberta with railway station in foreground.
View of Wainwright, Alberta showing railway tracks at right.
Homestead shanty under construction near Wainwright, Alberta.
View of Chauvin, Alberta.
The village blacksmith at Greenshields, Alberta.
Wainwright, Alberta.
Wainwright, Alberta.
Steer hitched to single driver buggy, Wainwright, Alberta.
Cow hitched to buggy, Wainwright, Alberta.
Homestead shack near Wainwright, Alberta.
Good view of sod house near Wainwright, Alberta.
Tent town on Wolf Creek and Mcleod River, Alberta.
Mountain Park, Alberta.
Flood, Canmore, Alberta.
Canmore Mines employee James J. Morris and family on steps of house, Canmore, Alberta.
Canmore mine manager James J. Morris and family on steps of house, Canmore, Alberta.
Canmore Opera House, Canmore, Alberta.
Wainwright Petroleums #1 well, Wainwright, Alberta.
McVittie cabin, Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta.
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