Unlabeled photo of lake and mountains. Pencil inscription "Roll 1-2"
Unlabeled photo of wooden structure on mountain. Pencil inscription "Roll 3-5"
View of Seward from the dock.
Characteristic topography near Chatanika dredge
Unlabeled photo of lake and mountains. Pencil inscription "Roll 1-3"
Drying fish on racks at native settlement, near Nome
Looking upstream at elevator and stacker on Dick Creek, Kougarok district.
View up Healy River showing base of coal rocks resting on metamorphics, with distant fresh snow-clad hills.
Drying walrus meat on racks at Barrow.
Tail end of whale after part of moat has been laid off down to back bone, Akutan.
Detail of frozen ground trenched by runoff from hydraulic giants. Intermixture of ice and frozen gravel and silt. Upper Goldstream.
Gasoline engine used to operate stacker and elevator on Dick Creek. Streak of white at right is the jet of the giant with the nearby apron and sluice boxes.
Ridge south of Nome Creek with hills to the north.
Contact of greenstone and limestone, Bonanza Mountain, Kennecott
Porphyry Mountain with inclusions of shale.
Rack of eider ducks killed by natives for food at Perguiak near Barrow.
Tail race down stream from elevator on Dick Creek, Kougarok district.
Hydraulic giant on Dick Creek driving gold bearing gravels into sluice boxes. (Miscellaneous view not in collection)
Penstock add clarifying boxes to remove trash, etc., from water used in hydraulicking near Chatanika.
View north along siphon of Fairbanks Exploration Co., near crossing of Chatanika River.
Modified slack line scraper on Willow Creek, Marshall District. General view of layout.
Cutting up whale meat at Akutan
Moose Creek from cut for new spur of railroad 2 miles above main line
Evan Jones coal mine at Jonesville, Matanuska field, Alaska (Photo missing)
Stream issuing from "Pot hole" at front of Kennecott Glacier near McCarthy
Landing on Fish Lake for freight to American Creek
Children on beach at play. Point Barrow.
General view of the Workman claims on #5 Nolan Creek, on left limit of South Creek in the Upper Koyukuk district
Ice in Bering Sea, off Cape Romanzof
Ice in Bering Sea, off Cape Romanzof
Distant view of Mt. Pavlof, Alaskan Peninsula from S.S. Victoria
Unlabeled photo of a mountain. Pencil inscription "Roll 3-3"
Thick inclined bed of coal up small draw, a little west of Suntrana mine. S.B. Smith in foreground. (Photo missing)
Unlabeled close-up of woman standing on railroad platform. Pencil inscription "[?] at [?] 1928". Pencil inscription "Roll 1-6"
Tame reindeer on platform of Curry Hotel.
Automatic tripping device for distributing water to alternate lines of thawing water pipes, Nome.
General view of dredge of Hammon Consolidated Goldfields is midst of tailing piles and thawing water lines, Nome.
Petersen oil drilling camp, west of Chickaloon, Matanuska region, Alaska
View of Cleary Creek from near Chatanika. The buildings are the new camp of the Fairbanks Exploration Co.
View across Kennecott Glacier toward Fourth of July Creek
Premier mine, Moose Creek branch, Alaska Railroad
Details of Glacier mine of Kennecott Copper Corporation
Small stream entering Arctic near Skull Cliff, characteristic of the type of dissection and upland of region
Electric motor used at Suntrana mine. Coal cars dumping into temporary chute. Evans Jones superintendent at left of driver.
Heap of skulls near old grave yard at Barrow "“ Miss Hodson (left) and Mrs. Sylvester (right) teachers at Barrow. Winter of 1925-26.
Side view of lower Goldstream dredge, Fairbanks.
Battery of points for thawing frozen ground and characteristic appearance of an area after thawing. Near Chatanika.
Canyons and chasms thawed in frozen ground that has been stripped and ground sluiced. Near Chatanika.
Head on view of Wonder Creek Dredge of Hammon Consolidated Goldfields at Nome (Photo missing)
Intestines and viscera of whale cut up at Akutan.
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