University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Rozsa de Coquet, Mary Lillian
The Rozsa Centre: hear the world, November 2-15, 1997
University of Calgary Special Convocation, September 26th, 2002
International Centre-014
International Centre-057
International Centre-011
International Centre-052
International Centre-054
International Centre-044
International Centre-009
International Centre-008
International Centre-037
International Centre-034
International Centre-033
International Centre-004
International Centre-021
International Centre-017
International Centre-002
My Name is Lola' Book Launch, Reception and Concert, 2013-11-05 (image 006)
International Centre-056
International Centre-051
International Centre-049
International Centre-040
International Centre-039
International Centre-029
International Centre-025
International Centre-003
International Centre-019
International Centre-063
International Centre-026
International Centre-015
International Centre-043
International Centre-055
International Centre-047
International Centre-046
International Centre-041
International Centre-035
International Centre-031
International Centre-005
International Centre-030
International Centre-018
International Centre-058
International Centre-059
International Centre-016
International Centre-013
International Centre-012
International Centre-022
International Centre-053
International Centre-050
International Centre-010
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