Foreign students tuition differential
Report of the Students' Legislative Council to the Board of Governors on the proposed 10% increase in student tuition fees
Tuition, student aid, and student debt: a comparison of Canadian and U.S. universities
Fee remission at the University of Calgary in perspective
Background information on foreign student fees for the 50th meeting of the University of Calgary Senate
Student costs: situation assessment
Report of ad hoc Committee on Foreign Student Fees and Foreign Student Population in Alberta
Report of the Subcommittee of Deans' Council on Supplemental Student Fees
A statement to the Board of Governors of the University of Alberta concerning tuition fees
Student finance in Alberta (submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Education)
The University of Calgary prospectus
Brief on Graduate Student finance
University accessibility in Alberta
A response to the White Paper proposals for an industrial and science strategy for Albertans 1985-1990
Submission to the Minister's Advisory Committee on University Affairs
Research report for the University of Calgary Public Affairs Office
Graduate studies and research in chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary 1996-97
Well chosen: undergraduate student viewbook 2004/05
Discover your new the University of Calgary: on the edge and leading the way 2000/2001
A look inside: summary of other universities' planning initiatives
Accessibility, resources and the quality of education
Report of the Task Force on Students : a response to the academic strategy planning document "Issues and directions"
Graduate Studies in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary
Admission Guide 1990-1991
A synthesis of financial factors influencing higher education in Canada
Visioning Task Force report
Faculty of Law calendar, 1999-2000
Registration Guide for New Undergraduate Students 1975-1976
Student Resource Centre annual report 1990/91
Here - viewbook, 2002-2003
Accessibility, resources and the quality of education: presentation to the Senate workshop, September 17, 1988
Admission Guide 1991-1992
The University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine calendar 1970-1971
Graduate Study and Research in the Faculty of Engineering
Here - undergraduate viewbook, 2003-2004
Graduate studies and research in physics and astronomy
Faculty of Engineering Graduate Study and Research 1971-72
Brief presented to the Commission to Study the Cost of Medical Education in Alberta
Responses to the White Paper on academic strategy
University of Calgary Calendar 2013-2014
Report of the Task Force on Infrastructure
University of Calgary Calendar 1997-1998
University of Calgary Calendar 2011-2012
University of Calgary Calendar 1985-1986
University of Calgary Calendar 1983-1984
University of Calgary Calendar 1979-1980
Revenue generation task force: final report
University of Calgary Calendar 1987-1988
University of Calgary Calendar 2014-2015
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