[Russia and the United States in missile competition.]
New ball game.'
We have to stop meeting like this.'
[Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.]
[United States protects access to Mideast oil supplies from Russian aggression.]
[United States and Soviet Union put the squeeze on West Germany.]
[United States and Soviet Union suffer from lack of communication.]
[Disagreements over Angola are a ticking bomb and could explode attempts at detente.]
[United States looks the other way as Russia attacks Iran.]
From Russia With Love'
[United States President Jimmy Carter and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enter relay race to boycott the Moscow Olympics.]
[President Jimmy Carter gets in a sticky situation when involved with Vietnam, China and Russia.]
[Mounting problems for President Jimmy Carter, about to explode.]
Stress of a Salesman.'
Just a minute, Jimmy... I'll be right with you'
[Detente between super powers.]
Political daisy-chain.'
We do not approve ...ahem!'.
Greetings North America... from station V.O.D.K.A. we bring you a golden oldie...'let it snow... let it snow... let it....'
... Is good hot dog.... Caviar's right on....'
Watch the birdie'
The Polish presence in Canada and America
Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
Deconstructing a nation : immigration, multiculturalism and racism in 90's Canada
Student Resource Centre Unit Planning Report
Ethnic press in Ontario
International activities at the University of Calgary, 1989-1990: towards globalization
The state of the art of Middle Eastern studies, August 1-3, 1986 final report
Annual Report 1990 - 1991 Division of International Business The University of Calgary
Annual Report 1990-1991 Division of International Business
HTST 583 POLI 583 W1999
University of Calgary Calendar 1986-1987
University of Calgary Calendar 1985-1986
Student Resource Centre 1991-92 annual report
University of Calgary calendar of events / newsletter
University of Calgary Calendar 1977-1978
Reform Party news releases
University of Calgary Calendar 1978-1979
Report of the Chief Librarian of the University of Calgary
University of Calgary Calendar 1989-1990
University of Calgary Calendar 1984-1985
International Centre, Division of International Business development plan - discussion draft
University of Calgary Calendar 1988-1989
Strategic Studies Program annual report 1988 - 1989
University of Calgary Calendar 1992-1993
University of Calgary Calendar 1975-1976
University of Calgary Calendar 1990-1991
University of Calgary Calendar 1987-1988
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