Defense and the consumer
Defenseless America
League of neutral states : a statement from the Dutch section
Americans and the world-crisis
I, Our debt to France ; II, What Lafayette did for America
Tactics and technique of air fighting
America and freedom : being the statements of President Wilson on the War
Tactics and technique of air reconnaissance and observation
Neutrality and arms shipments
Some episodes in the relation between the Maritime provinces and the American Atlantic States
How goes the war?
America's Arraignment of Germany
America and the cause of the allies
British America. Vol. II
World in Ferment
Effects of white contact upon Blackfoot culture : with special reference to the role of the fur trade, The
Histoire des réfugiés hugeunots en Amérique
Dutch immigration to North America
Our people : Carpatho-Rusyns and their descendants in North America
Fort Meigs. A condensed History of the Most Important Military Point in the Northwest  [...]
Development of CENTAUR, a computerized war game
Italians in North America
Soldier and peasant in Japan : the origins of conscription
Tributes to JWD
Campagnes et stations sur les côtes de l'Amérique du Nord
With the Indians in the Rockies
Ukrainians in North America : a select bibliography
‘Lillian Dow Davidson’ scrapbook
War Aims and Peace Ideals
Ukrainians in North America : a select bibliography
Drummond Island : the story of the British occupation, 1815-1828
Solution of tactical problems : a logical and easy way of working out the tactical schemes set at examinations, The
Bodily changes in pain, hunger, fear and rage : an account of recent researches into the function of emotional excitement
Great parallel, The
The struggles for life and home in the North-West
Towards the Goal
Oregon Trail [research, notes, scenarios]
The story of Marcus Whitman : early Protestant missions in the Northwest
Sixty American opinions on the war
Mackinac, formerly Michilimackinac
The Polish presence in Canada and America
Lunenburgh : or, The old Eastern District
Article from the Los Angeles Times, circa June 9th, 1919
Gold hunter : the adventures of Marshall Bond
Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
First steps to Tokyo : the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Aleutians
Plain words from America : a letter to a German professor
"Scare-mongerings," from the Daily mail, 1896-1914 : the paper that foretold the war
Adaptation of "The Texas Rangers" by Eve Unsell [synopsis, outline]
The Documentary History of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier. [Part 7]
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