Structure in ice and silt in open cut on Cleary Creek, Fairbanks district. Original film filed under Mertie 1622.
Native family at Barrow (Shirley Eleak) ; Native woman (Helen Suulu) and baby on tundra at Point Barrow.
View from divide into Palmer Creek northward toward Hope and across Turnagain Arm. Inscription "16-7"
Panoramic view looking westward down Turnagain Arm from east of Hope
Railroad bridge across Talkeetna River near Talkeetna
Yukon River and mouth of Iditarod from hill back of Holy Cross
Summit of Ester Dome, Fairbanks region. Pencil inscription "Barker, Sagan, Smith, McQueen" (photo missing)
S.S. Victoria and Olympia in ice 50 miles from Nome (8 AS 336)
Summit of ridge north of Station 7438
"Sam" carrying stove
Moraine in valley of camp 8 stream
Panorama of hills east of Yukon from Eagle, Alaska
[?] Mt., near Nome Alaska - 8 AS 338 (photo missing)
Premier mine, Moose Creek branch, Alaska Railroad
Petersen oil drilling camp, west of Chickaloon, Matanuska region, Alaska
Walrus hunt, Wainwright, Alaska. 1945.
Side view of Chatanika dredge, Fairbanks
Thawing the underlying gravels with cold water after lying overburden has been removed. Fairbanks.
Four sheep heads brought in by Cong. Vestal and Marshal Lynn Smith at Healy.
Forward end of whale's body after meat had been cut off to back bone. Breaking spine apart, Akutan.
Cutting up whale at Akutan. Head has been cut off and outer layer of blubber.
Eskimo playing ball on ice, off Kotzebue
Eskimo playing ball on ice, off Kotzebue
Huge snowdrifts in lee of buildings at Unalakleet and distant hills through which the Unalakleet flows
Schoolhouse and playground at Unalakleet
Buildings at Unalakleet with huge snowdrifts in lee
Cutting up walrus on ice off Barrow.
Ice cakes out and stacked to be hauled to Barrow for supplying fresh water.
Eskimo game of jumping on suspended walrus hide. Picture taken at Kotzebue, 1910
Hudson Bay Company's vessel "Lady Kindersley" off Barrow, August 9, 1924 before vessel was driven to sea by the incoming of the ice pack. Original photo by Captain E. Falk.
Hudson Bay vessel "Lady Kindersley" in the ice pack north of Barrow, in August, with part of deck cargo discharged. Original photo by Captain E. Falk.
Freight sleds at warehouses in Tanana, being loaded
Herd of reindeer near Barrow, in corral formed by large ice blocks set on end.
Eskimo women at Barrow carrying babies in back of parkas.
Point Hope village with natives on beach seeing Bishop Rowe off on "Boxer".
Point Hope village from U.S. "Boxer"
Joins 57-3 [1778] to the right, shows missionary's house and the church.
Station at Barrow, with natives on roof searching with telescope for signs of the lost ship.
Joins 56-3 [1774] to the right.
Ice jammed against coast at Barrow
Gas boat "Pirate" seining herring near wharf at Ketchikan. Numerous gulls around seine.
One of the teams of the freight expedition ready to leave Tanana
Start of the freighting expedition from Tanana
Hauling away loaded sled, Front Street, Tanana. Yukon River in background.
Near view of freight sleds being loaded at Tanana. Provision warehouses in background.
Interior of church, Holy Cross
General view of settlement at Holy Cross
Church and school, Holy Cross
East along Mutchler's tram from near M. & M. Bank
Panorama of Iditarod and vicinity from wagon road-tram crossing
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