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Character of the shore lead near Kilimatavik. Natives dragging in oogruk
Ice jammed against beach at Kilimatavik cutting off shore lead
Ridges of gravel pushed up and dropped by the sea ice short distance northeast of Kilimatavik
Detailed view of ridges and scallops of gravel made by the sea ice near Kilimatavik
Crude reindeer corral about 1 mile northeast of Kilimatavik
End of the open water lead about 2 ½ miles northeast of Kilimatavik
Reindeer in corral short distance north of Kilimatavik
Herders segregating deer in corral north of Kilimatavik
Eskimo roping deer for branding in corral north of Kilimatavik
Reindeer with fawn being roped by Eskimo near Kilimatavik
Young fawn roped by Eskimo near Kilimatavik
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