Watergap of Kruzgamepa around the Kigluaik Mts.
Kigluaik Mts. from Kruzgamepa hot springs (8 AS 289)
Detail of Kigluaik Mts. at Aug 9th camp (8 AS 288)
Kigluaik Mts. near valley leading to Grand Central Pass (8 AS 291)
Kigluaik Mts. near Homestake and Big Creeks
Head of Pond Creek, north side of Kigluaik Mts. (8 AS 299)
Joins #8 AS 291 to the west
First stream east of Snow Creek on north side of the Kigluaik Mts. (8 AS 296)
Joins #8 AS 289 to the west

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