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History of British Columbia from its earliest discovery to the present time
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company : including that of the French traders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companie
History of British Columbia, 1792-1887
Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
View towards head of tributary of Colville from near side camp April 1
View across valley towards stream, at the head of which is the pass we crossed from the Unakserak to the Colville
View eastward at head of tributary of Colville
Joins roll 11-1 to the right and shows high hills to the north of head of Colville
Looking southward at hills forming divide at the head of tributary of the Colville and the Unakserak
View up south fork of Colville drainage opposite winter camp
Barber shop on the Colville. Tait getting clipped by Blankenship.
View of hills on east side of south fork valley from winter camp. The distant hills are those between the Alatna and Colville.
Hills east of camp June 1 and tributary of Colville near this point
View of the south slope of the hills to the north of the canyon from west side of small stream, tributary to the Colville near camp June 1.
Abandoned high level valley parallel to Colville with small side stream near camp June 1, which has cut its valley below this old level. Abandoned valley now occupied by lakes.
From same place, looking towards hills to the north of small stream entering Colville near camp June 1, showing small amount of snow on south exposure
From little knob below junction of east fork with tributary of Colville. At right are the hills back of the winter camp.
View from lunch stop of June 16, of anticlinal hills east of tributary of Colville.
Joins 31-1 (1645) to the left
Joins 31-2 (1646) to the left
View across main Colville River from tributary (Killik) descended by expedition (2 photos: 5.2.1649, 5.2.1650)
View up tributary of Colville, descended by expedition from near its junction with the Colville (3 photos: 5.2.1651, 5.2.1652, 5.2.1653)
Coal series about 1 ½ mile up stream from tributary to Colville, descended by expedition. Darker beds mostly coal, lighter beds sand stone.
Bluffs south of Colville formed of the coal bearing rocks
Undercut banks on north side of Colville above camp June 22.
Duplicate of 33-3 (1656)
View up Colville River about 1 mile above first station west of camp June 22.
View down stream from same point as preceding view. Not all of the river is included in the view as there are several sloughs separated by islands on either side.
Panorama of Colville basis from knob 1 mile west of camp June 26. View taken from west to east. (4 photos: 5.2.1160, 5.2.1661, 5.2.1662, 5.2.1663)
View southward from near camp June 26 across Colville toward mouth of stream entering opposite camp, originally supposed to be the Etivluk.
Junction of Colville with the side stream entering it from the south opposite camp June 26
View of side stream entering Colville opposite camp June 27. Shows mud ridges parallel to outer bank of stream formed during period of high water.
Obstruction of drainage and earth scallops formed by the slumping of the banks about ½ mile above junction of side stream and Colville opposite camp June 26.
Detailed view of landslide material near south end of bluff on side stream, tributary to the Colville, opposite camp June 26.
Undercut banks with overhanging turf on side stream of Colville opposite camp June 26.
View of the Colville near same point showing shut-in appearance of the river with the typical coal country topography.
Small stream entering Colville short distance south of bluff shown in previous picture. Shows brushless appearance of country and the rolling featureless type of topography.
View down the Etivluk from sandstone shale bluff shown in preceding pictures. Very distant hills are on the north side of the Colville.
Silicified logs on north side of west branch of Colville above camp July 12
Silicified logs in place on north side of west branch of Colville above camp July 12
From same point, view down the west fork to show the general topography of the region
View up-stream from same point to show general topography of the region
View up stream showing general character of West Fork, showing narrow fringe of willows and smooth undifferentiated slope of the hills.  Topographer's boat near right hand portion of view.
View down Awuna branch of Colville from its junction with first large size tributary from the south.
View up stream from junction of the Awuna River of Colville and the first large tributary (Lookout) from the south
Large willows at junction of Awuna Branch of Colville and first large tributary (Lookout River) from the south.
View up Lookout branch of the western tributary of the Colville.
View of portion of western branch of Colville with caribou on the far bank.
Hauling canoes up small tributary of western branch of Colville leading to Birthday Pass.
Hauling canoes up small tributary of western branch of Colville leading to Birthday Pass.
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