A biography of Doctor Stephanie Petryk Potoski : on the occasion of the Canadian Ukrainian centennial, 1891-1991
Ukrainians in North America : a select bibliography
Reflections and reminiscences : Ukrainians in Canada, 1892-1992
Nova Era, Volume 09
Multiculturalism and Ukrainian Canadians : identity, homeland ties, and the community's future
Maple leaf and trident : the Ukrainian Canadians during the second World War
Multiculturalism and Ukrainian Canadians : identity, homeland ties, and the community's future
Nova Era, Volume 05
Ukrainians in Ontario
Ukrainian people places : the Ukrainians, Germans, Mennonites, Hutterites and Doukhobors and the names they brought to Saskatchewan
Hawaiian ordeal : Ukrainian contract workers, 1897-1910
Ukrainian rite Catholic Church : an account of church activities in Calgary
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements north of the Dawson Trail. Volume 2
Vertical development : a new generation of Ukrainian Canadians
Pioneer profiles : Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba
Vita : a Ukrainian community : Vita today. Book 3
Vita : a Ukrainian community : making progress. Book 2
Vita : a Ukrainian community : it's background and beginnings. Book 1
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements, 1896-1930. Volume 1
Pioneer settlers : Ukrainians in the Dauphin area, 1896-1926
200 Remarkable Alberta Women
Ukrainian Pioneer Days in Early Years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District, Sask.
Hardships & progress of Ukrainian pioneers : memoirs from Stuartburn colony and other points
The Grekul house : a land use and structural history
Notable Saskatchewan Women 1905-1980
Our family history : the descendants of Sylvester and Eudokia Fedeyko, 1835-1985
A friendly adventure : the story of the United Church mission among new Canadians at Teulon, Manitoba
Looking into my sister's eyes : an exploration in women's history
Heroes of their day : the reminiscences of Bohdan Panchuk
Svieto : celebrating Ukrainian-Canadian ritual in east central Alberta through the generations
Spruce, swamp and stone : a history of the pioneer Ukranian settlements in the Gimli area
Between two worlds : the memoirs of Stanley Frolick
Nova Era, Volume 08
Women and ethnicity
Lewchuk's Creative Magic
Women and ethnicity
First days, fighting days : women in Manitoba history
Defiant sisters : a social history of Finnish immigrant women in Canada
Harte, Grace Eaton : Women Lawyers' Journal [article]
Planting the Garden : an annotated archival bibliography of the history of women in Manitoba
Shelter, feed and dray : a structural history of the Radway Livery Barn
Ukrainian dug-out dwellings in east central Alberta
From dreams to reality : a history of the Ukrainian senior citizens of Regina and District, 1896-1976
Hlus' Church : a narrative history of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at Buczacz, Alberta
The Chernochan machine shed : Ukrainian farm practices in east central Alberta
A selective bibliography of Canadiana of the Prairie Provinces : publications relating to Western Canada by English, French, Icelandic, Mennonite, and Ukrainian authors
The Italian immigrant woman in North America
Reminiscences of the Rossburn pioneers
Wandering River history. Volume 3, 1984-2008
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