William and Joshua Twin, Stoneys.
Rippling Memories
The Twins, Stoney.
Joshua and William Twin, Stoney.
First Nations nurse and babies, Alkali Lake, British Columbia.
One of the Twins, Stoney.
North-West Mounted Police, Twin Lakes, Alberta
Hunter twins, Joshua and William Hunter, Stoneys.
William Twin, Stoney.
History of the settlement and building up of the area in S.W. Alberta bordering Waterton Park on the north, from 1889
William and Joshua Twin, Stoney, in front of the Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
5505-1570 328
Twin babies, Edward and Wilfred Dyck, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Two Stoneys.
Crowsnest Mountain and Crowsnest Lake, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
Carex rossii Boott
Carex phaeocephala Piper
5505-1570 327
5308-1553 24
Calla palustris Linnaeus
Court aircraft over ice, Northwest Territories.
Campers at Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.
Hunter twins, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Oenothera villosa subsp. strigosa (Rydberg) W. Dietrich & P.H. Raven
5308-1553 23
5500-1619 12
5104-1565 147
Cable-tool drilling site, Twin Provinces #1, Alberta.
5103-1562 332
5103-1562 331
Mounted Police post and Canadian Customs building on Canada/United States border, southern Alberta.
5501-1571 214
5500-1619 10
5500-1619 11
Viola vallicola A. Nelson var. vallicola
5501-1571 213
5308-1553 22
Joshua Hunter, William Hunter, and grandson, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
The Loon Lake story : an episode in the building of Canada
William Twin, Stoney.
From ripples to waves : Greenwater Lake Provincial Park and district
William Twin, Stoney.
Lake Medad and Waterdown
From buffalo grass to wheat : a history of Long Lake district
Along the north shore of the Twelve Mile : a history of Lakenheath, Stonehenge and Twelve Mile Lake school districts
The Bitter 'n sweet : the history of the Bittern Lake-Sifton District
Pages of the Past : History of Shell Lake-Mont Nebo districts
Growing through time : stories of Chestermere Lake
Mrs. William Twin, died 1923, Stoney.
45 horse power, I. H. C., Mogul tractor.
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