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Mrs. Della Stanley on tricycle.
Children in playroom at new Providence Creche, Calgary, Alberta.
Playroom at Providence Creche, Calgary, Alberta.
Philip and Marion Gouin on tricycle, Redland, Alberta.
Stubb Ross, future aviator.
Susan Sedgewick riding her tricycle in winter, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Hugh Bailey on tricycle, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Boy riding tricycle, Calgary, Alberta.
Helen Caldwell and little brother Lewis W. Junior in back yard of their home, Calgary, Alberta.
Helen Caldwell, little brother Lewis W. Junior and friend riding tricycle, Calgary, Alberta.
Ole Nissen and son Norman Nissen, Hussar, Alberta.
Sherwin-Williams Paints billboard, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Child on a tricycle, Calgary, Alberta.
Child on a tricycle, Calgary, Alberta.
Girl on tricycle, Calgary, Alberta.
Storm damage at Fane Auto Works, Limited, Edmonton, Alberta.
Children with decorated tricycles at flower show, Edmonton, Alberta.
Phil A. West receiving a present and a tricycle at his retirement from Canada Post, Calgary, Alberta.
Peter and Joe Clark standing next to a tricycle, High River, Alberta.
Geoff Nagle and friend sitting in a wagon, Kimberley, British Columbia.
The Gagnon family's Christmas tree, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Hilaire Rompré de La Pérade
Pferdemaul : the unofficial Strath's news. Edition 3, 21 Nov. 66
Annual Report 1993-1994, University of Calgary
Image of a student being pushed on a tricycle during Bermuda Shorts Day.
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